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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Close relatives of Paul Biya declared 'persona non grata' in Belgium

They were numerous Saturday afternoon in Brussels to express their dissatisfaction with the catastrophic humanitarian situation currently prevailing in the English-speaking regions of the country and the hold-up of October 7 in Cameroon. These protesters took the opportunity to launch a Fatwa banning stays for leaders of Cameroon.

In the pouring rain, the Belgians who were not used to this kind of event have invested the security perimeter set by the Brussels police to watch and film the scene that creates traffic jams for the police to divert the traffic.

In front of the main entrance of the Cameroon Embassy, ​​the protesters abandoned, in the eyes of the cameras present a loincloth of the CPDM in the image of Paul Biya before making statements. Their interventions turned mainly on the hold-up of Mr Biya in Cameroon, the failure of the Yaoundé regime, the various murders, unpunished crimes etc.

After the opening speech of the demonstration by the fighter Albert Tetang, of the organizing committee of this event, the speakers follow one another with the super-loud, newly acquired megaphone learned. All denounce the massacres of populations by the regime.They wanted the deputies to desert the National Assembly in order not to endorse the "illegitimate power of Yaoundé" For them, Paul Biya is now the clandestine president of Cameroon.

On the signs, already used during the three other demonstrations of Cameroonians in Brussels, messages are exhibited. It reads, pell-mell, "Biya President Clando of Cameroon", "Paul Biya, respect the vote of the people", "Stop killings in North and South West", "Free young imprisoned", "Paul Biya, even organize CAN 2019 has passed you "etc.

During the event, a "surprise guest" was illustrated by his speech which moved the audience and the international press present.

The fighter Emmanuel Kemta since it is about him, come to Brussels for this demonstration, did not skimp on the means to affirm that "the fighting diaspora form now a brigade" Antisardinard "If a minister of Paul Biya or a director of a state corporation or even senior officials of the regime appears somewhere abroad, the brigadiers must simply make a phone call to the generals of the brigade of their constituency so that they deploy their troops on the ground for the remains"

"We now see leaders and dignitaries of the CPDM as enemies of the Republic, and the people must now treat them as such "he said hammered in front of a large crowd who knew how to brave the winter weather and the rain from 14 to 17h this Saturday, in front of the premises housing the services of the Embassy of Cameroon in Brussels

Following the microphone of their megaphone, the protesters demand the return of the "stolen victory" by Paul Biya to Maurice Kamto in the presidential election of October 7th.

Another major European march announced in Luxembourg

Rendez-vous is given on Saturday, December 8, 2018 in Luxembourg from 13 to 18h where a great march of Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon is announced.

According to the organizers of this major European march on Saturday, December 8 in Luxembourg, the rally is scheduled at 13h at the parking Rousegaertchen martyrs (Avenue Liberty 1930 Luxembourg 700 meters from Luxembourg Central Station) in Luxembourg. Several delegations from several European countries are expected.

NB: Anti Sardinard Brigade b (BAS): It is a movement born within the Cameroonian diaspora with a mission to boycott, outside Cameroon, all the artists who supported President Paul Biya in the last presidential election. Their privileged targets: all those who took part in the big support concert, free, which was held at the Yaoundé Sports Palace on October 6th, the day before the election.