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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CAN withdrawal: Callixte Beyala attacks Samuel Eto'o

The Franco-Cameroonian writer was Sunday on the set of Elite Club Vision 4. 

The reactions continue to rain after the decision of the CAF withdrawing the organization of CAN 2019. has collected the opinions of guests of Club des Elites, a Sunday talk program broadcast on Vision 4 and presented by Ernest Obama.

Joseph Antoine Bell : We gave a pitiful image to the whole world. Some Cameroonians have pretended that the withdrawal of the CAN should change the results of the presidential election. They spent the time overwhelming our country saying nothing is happening at home. Two things killed us: inspections taking place, none reported that there was no delay and lack of lawns.

The last CAN experienced a lot of injuries due to lawn and the CAF decided to put a focus on the lawns. According to experts, lawns must be laid months before the start of the CAN. But Cameroon can at least boast of being among the few African countries to now be able to host a CAN to 24 countries. We can go to court.Now we must know, do we want to play or seize the courts.

Calixte Beyala : I noticed that the Cameroonian people do not like each other. I have never seen a people who self-flagellate at that point; everyone thinks he can only have one function, Head of State.So we must listen to Cameroonians denigrate Cameroon. They make absurd comparisons. Yes, some Cameroonians are somewhat responsible for the withdrawal of CAN in Cameroon. When we were told that CAN was 24, maybe we would have had to negotiate a long time. I would like Samuel Eto'o to explain what happened. I would like the government to explain to me. However, in the analysis of things, we can think of a plot, there was an intention to harm Cameroon. Maybe our lawyers should think about dragging this CAF to CAS.

Perfect Siki : There was a delay problem, but Cameroon could have been ready by June. CAF could have been an exception in being more flexible with Cameroon.

Mathias Eric Owona Nguini : Mr. Ahmad from the start, organized everything because he has to give CAN to Morocco.This approach is incorrect. Cameroon had a CAN at 16 and the CAF imposed a CAN to 24 express because we knew there would be a problem of delays. Pretexts, a vengeance operation, because Ahmad has never digested the withdrawal of the CAN cadets (2017) to his country Madagascar.That said, we had our internal turpids,

Pascal Messanga Nyamding : This is neither the failure of President Biya nor the failure of Cameroon. Because the day is the month of March (2019) and we are not there. There has been fierce since the arrival of Ahmad at the head of the CAF. He immediately took statements that tended to prove that he had a hidden agenda. M Ahmad believes he kills Cameroon, yet it is the image of African football that kills.

Souley Onohiolo : Ahmad has begun to set up his insidious program, because he must be grateful to those who elected him. CAN 2019 will be played in Morocco.