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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CAN withdrawal: Biya's relatives now expected in Kondengui

It is never easy to get up after a blow as hard as the withdrawal, at the last moment, of the organization of a major event. 

The repercussions of the re-registration of Cameroon, by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), went well beyond the anecdotal. Apart from the deeply hurt pride and honor lost on the international scene, the cancellation of the Can "Cameroon 2019" will affect very heavily the sectors of economy and tourism.

Faced with the temptation of resignation and whining, President Biya decided to exorcise the bad wind. The Head of State, as early as Saturday, instructed the relevant services to continue and complete, on time, all the projects planned for this event.

But more, the president of the Republic, say sources introduced, has plunged since the weekend in the development of a new executive. "The background and the form of the team may be significantly changed," says a technical advisor to Etoudi. And to affirm that the movement, originally announced the day after the swearing of the Head of State, November 6, was "quickly restarted with the withdrawal of the Can 2019 in Cameroon."

According to indiscretions drawn from good sources, it is no longer, in the mind of the Head of State, a review of the numbers and profiles but a break. So the cabinet reshuffle, which should have happened on Friday night, was referred to "later".

When? Nobody can tell, in the entourage of Paul Biya that your newspaper has tried to sound all weekend long. The fact remains that we are lending to the tenant of Etoudi, strong of the disappointment of the Can 2019, the intention

to carry out a household in depth in his entourage.In the same order of ideas, an independent investigation, in to audit the various markets and disbursements related to the markets of the missed competition, is announced on the instigation of the President of the Republic.

And already charges are circulating in the upscale salons of the capital, pointing personalities who were at the origin of the state mafia called "Can 2019". In the forefront of these, is the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic (Sg / Pr), Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, presented as the hub of mafia financial transactions in relation to the juicy infrastructure markets.

As an example, we quote the award, on August 8, 2017 on "very high agreement" of the Head of State, of several OTC services in Garoua to the sulfur company Prime Potomac. Total objective cost of works: 26.3 billion francs. He is the authorizing officer of the budget set up by the Cameroonian state, with an envelope of more than 100 billion francs.

He is supported in his task by the technical advisor to his services, Jean-Claude Ayem Moger. It is he who heads the task force, still called "Commission Ayem", projects related to the Can based on the presidency.

He has acquired the sobriquet of "brain", so much the man, according to those who have rubbed himself with it, seems intoxicated by the power that comes from the ill-gotten money.

A few weeks ago, the Letter of the continent echoed tensions between "two relatives" of the first lady, Chantal Biya: Sg / Pr and the Minister of Sports and Physical Education (Minsep), Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt, also president of the Local Organizing Committee of Can 2019 (Cocan).

For several months, reported the confidential, these two personalities, from the department of Haute Sanaga, are at loggerheads. The preparatory meetings are chaired by Bidoung Mkpatt while Mr. Ngoh Ngoh is responsible for disbursing funds to meet public procurement contracts. Payments never made on time, and causing delays in the progress of various works.

To better circumvent the Minsep, the Sg / Pr has appointed one of his mission as Secretary General at the Ministry of Sport: Robert Banga, to better mark the panties of his enemy brother. In August, the letter of the continent added, Bidoung Mpkatt had vainly tried to appoint a commission of experts to evaluate the quality of the lawn laid in several playgrounds of Garoua by the company Prime Potomac whose leader, Ben Modo, also younger brother of politician Célestin Bedzigui, is presented as a close friend of Sg / Pr.

Speaking to the Finance Committee of the National Assembly a week ago, the Minister of Public Health (Minsanté), André Mama Fouda, has released his budget proposal for the hospitals of cities to host the Can 2019. The program 531, referred to as "case management", wants an allocation of 9 billion francs for the new financial year.

For the member of the government, the host cities of the competition "must have appropriate infrastructures", major actions are already already "well advanced" in this direction. It is therefore more of a job in the future, when Cameroon should have had a technical platform up to date, tested through appropriate tests.

Even more stricken is the chapter on road infrastructures, about which the Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Minhdu), Jean Claude Mbwentchou, has been agitating for two years. His many boisterous announcements, followed by descents just as mediatized on the ground, had let believe in a vitality in the field.

Cameroonians are today the first witnesses of the negligence of Minhdu. At 7 months from the start of the Can, Mr. Mbwentchou showed no will, and can not claim any palpable record, in the preparations for this competition. Worse, the approach to the Can 2019 seemed to sound like a renewal of widespread insalubrity. The Cameroonian cities, in these times of cholera epidemic, have become real trash cans, and Jean Claude Mbwentchou totally unfit to sketch the least strategy to cope.

There are roads and hygiene as telecommunications, for which the boss, Minette Libom Li Likeng, has signed contracts with operators to deploy the 4G on the different sites to host the competition. After months of procrastination, not only is this challenge far from over, but the quality of communications and connection, of which Cameron Telecommunications (Camtel) by David Nkoto Emane holds the monopoly, has further deteriorated.

Market clarity of the 2019 Can, the sector's minister, Abba Sadou, wisely watched it pass the train of greed, incompetence, business and overcharging. Not once, the Minister of Public Procurement has dared to call to order the various administrations and senior officials encroaching gleefully on its attributions. For being lax, the Mimap certainly deserves to be called to appear for passive complicity.

More responsible than guilty, the Prime Minister figures prominently in the chain of decision-making, monitoring and compliance control, a concept that was behind the withdrawal of the Can 2019 in Cameroon. Master of the field trips by visiting the different sites, Philemon Yang, chairman of the national committee of Cocan, gave the impression of not controlling anything, to suffer the oukases and predators of any kind. His indolence seems to have lost him in the yards.

In the end, a head of state and a whole country humiliated in the eyes of Cameroon, Africa and the world.Cameroonians are waiting impatiently for the reaction of Paul Biya.