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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CAN withdrawal: Ahmad Ahmad provokes a political crisis in Cameroon

The African Football Confederation has decided to withdraw the organization of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon. Since then, in the ranks of the opposition, some say they are relieved given the socio-political context in the country and others condemn what they consider a "humiliation" too much of Paul Biya's regime.

The Executive Committee (ComEX) of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), meeting Friday, November 30 in Accra Ghana, has officially decided to withdraw the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 in Cameroon.

"Today, faced with all the reports we have received and also analyzing the developments made, we decided to withdraw the CAN 2019 in Cameroon," said Ahmad Ahmad, president of the CAF, at the end of the work.

A decision that falls like a blow to the head of the Cameroonian authorities, including Paul Biya who made the promise to the people and made a solemn commitment in one of his speeches in August 2017, on the occasion of the reception at the palace of the unit of the medalists of the international competitions.

"Cameroon will be ready the day said, I make the commitment" had affirmed the President.

A promise and commitment repeatedly relayed by the government of Yaounde and even brandished as a campaign argument on the eve of the presidential election of October 7.

Moreover, on the eve of this political deadline, on October 2, while the controversy surrounding the withdrawal of this competition in Cameroon was in full swing, the Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad, head of the CAF, had crossed the Cameroonian soil in the company of former striker of the national team, Samuel Eto'o Fils.

"The CAF has never thought about a withdrawal of the CAN in Cameroon" he had hinted as to reassure the Cameroonian authorities.

Declarations made on both sides to try to extinguish the controversies, despite delays in the implementation of infrastructure and particularly tense security context, with the ongoing armed conflict between the army and separatists in the United States. two English-speaking regions of the country. An armed conflict put on the table by those who were already campaigning for the boycott of this competition, like Gérard Kuissu, president of the Committee of resistance for the claim, the recovery and the restitution of the vote of the people (C4R) movement born after the presidential October 7 to say "no" to what they consider an "election hold-up".

"We are at war, there are men of women and children who are killed, burned and hunted by their land. How to morally play football with such a situation. In 36 years, the tyrannical regime has never produced anything good for its people. And there he was going to reap the benefits of this sporting event, "he told Sputnik.

The decision of the CAF to withdraw the organization of the Can 2019 in Cameroon comes as a new shadow in the table of the new septennat of Paul Biya, 85 years including 36 in power, and opens a boulevard to the opponents of his regime which for some welcome the decision.

"We expected it. The works are sloppy, poorly organized and much delayed, in addition to many suspicions of scandals.There is a lot to do before thinking CAN.Moreover, the CAF was formal. She is ready to accompany us to be ready for an organization of this event ", continues Gérard Kuissu.

In a statement made on the evening of November 30, the Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu, member of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), opposition party, said his wrath in what he considers a "big humiliation planetary".

"Cameroon has definitely become the laughing stock of the whole world. As long as Mr. Biya is in power, the process of putrefying the image of Cameroon will be irreversible. This seven-year term says great opportunities are being transformed from the beginning into seven-year deep disappointments, "he said in a post on his Facebook account.

Cabral Libii, candidate in the last presidential election ranked third, also notes the humiliation of the country and also said his disappointment.

"We also demand that, without delay, Mr. Paul Biya, beneficiary of the crime of October 7, 2018, he who said that Cameroon would be" ready on the day said, "explains to the Cameroonian people what led to this national humiliation in mondovision which in all logic should lead to his resignation. "

The government of Yaoundé's response to the CAF's decision was very much anticipated on Saturday (December 1st) by the voice of his spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, who cries to injustice.

"Faced with this flagrant injustice, the Government of the Republic asks the Cameroonian people to keep all its serenity and not to succumb to the temptation of sterile controversies."

"It is clear that our country was the object from the start in this case, a treatment that can only raise questions, "he lamented.

Based on reports from multiple inspection missions, the CAF Executive Committee officially decided on November 30th to withdraw the CAN 2019 organization from Paul Biya's country. He felt that Cameroon was not ready to host the event, with delays, particularly in terms of infrastructure and security.

The decision to withdraw the organization of CAN 2019 in Cameroon is final and leads the governing body of African football to initiate and open an urgent call for the candidacy of new countries to ensure the smooth running of the competition.