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Friday, December 7, 2018

CAN 2019: the secret deal between Ahmad Ahmad and the USA revealed

Have you questioned the campaign of Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, to be president of the Caf?Did you know who financed it and why it was so important to see him at the helm of African football?  Especially at the end of the Qatargate, when the all-powerful America put in contribution his Fbi whose first results revealed the names of the majority of the leaders of the world football which succumbed to the attraction of petrodollars and were challenged to answer for this act of corruption?

Do you know in exchange what the investigations stopped and why the United States is part with Mexico and Canada countries that will organize the World Cup after Qatar? And do you know what was promised in Morocco not to complain too much that his candidacy was set aside for the benefit of the three countries mentioned above? I stop there, for the questions because for the rest, you know that at the time of the scandal of the attribution of the organization of the world cup in Qatar, our compatriot, Issa Hayatou, is still president of the Caf .

Which Caf has "supported" the Qatari candidature. In this Caf-there was already Ahmad Ahmad who did not spit on offers from the Gulf. Fecafoot has "cooperated" a lot in the financial support of the electoral operations that led to the alignment of Africa behind Qatar. You also know that while our compatriot was in business, he withdrew the organization of Can under 21 in Madagascar who was not ready to 4 months of this competition. First conclusion.

Ahmad is hostage to a system that holds him. At any time, we can reconsider his vote. Moreover, he knows all that he has benefited from the Cherifian kingdom to be at his service. To serve the interests of Morocco, his uncles, and to restore to Issa Hayatou what he has done to his country, and the reasons for Ahmad's flip-flops have been understood a little. One can even understand it, except that nobody sent it to compromise at this point. For, must we doubt the sincerity of his friendships?

Eto'o it seems, was part of it. When the two came to Cameroon, it seemed like he was enjoying his friend more than cooperating with a state. He has more or less said it on the steps of the palace of Unity. He, who has no idea what he represents to date and who has no knowledge of diplomatic formulas. In Yaounde, he was really uncomfortable because he knew what was going on in his head. Reason why, he had the look away.From what happened, we had since sounded the alarm.

But our decision makers do not like being told the truth. Mostly busy they were thinking about the best way to make the Can more sweet. Delays organized to engage in OTC, without taking into account the specificities surrounding the procurement procedures. White-collar thieves whose bank accounts are full to the brim but whose desire to have more is limitless.

In defiance of the general interest, the national honor and the commitments made by the President of the Republic; himself. True treason that deserves punishment. It remains that the work continues without any relaxation. That the sports facilities are ready on the appointed day; to show the world that the decision of the CAF had nothing to do with the realities of the field.

And that on the ground, everything is done so that the Indomitable Lions win the trophy, to better taunt those who forget sometimes, all that Cameroonian footballers have achieved around the world for the honor of a continent: Africa .

Source: Lebon Elanga Ateme