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Sunday, December 2, 2018

CAN 2019: Antoine Bell attacks Cameroonians

The fever rises in Accra where the CAF executive committee will fix this Friday the fate of Cameroon about the organization of the CAN 2019. Present in Ghana for the occasion, Joseph Antoine Bell pronounced on this suspense that lasts for months.The former guardian of the Indomitable Lions also took a cold look at the controversy around the state of progress of the infrastructure works and the security situation.

A few hours from the executive committee, should Cameroonians be serene?

I think the Cameroonians are used to it, they especially have the reasons not to be pessimistic because, we do not lose a match before playing, and above all we do not lose it before the final whistle. We say that we have to wait until this day everyone really know what is in the Cameroon file and we vote. I would just like to remind you that the CAF President does not want to be the one who decides on his own, so it is not his opinion, they are facts and the Executive Committee examines them and makes a decision.

Cameroon should blame itself in case of withdrawal, given the delays observed, is not it?

This case should in any case teach Cameroonians to remember a lesson.When you arrive late for school, work or an appointment, you can not afford to accuse the traffic because it exists. If you are 5 minutes late it means that if you were gone 5 minutes earlier you would be on time. So today what we need to know in Cameroon is that the CAN had been entrusted to us in 2014, and a lot of work began in 2016, so we can see that we would have started earlier than would be more serene. The second that could have been the first is that never a CAN had aroused so much interest, controversy and suspense. And so, the Cameroonians must know well that they are special people, they are probably the only ones like that to attack their own country and their own interests, and that which led to the suspicion of the foreigner and even the fear is manipulated and exaggerated information from Cameroon, the others are not in Cameroon and have only taken what came from there. Some Cameroonians literally scratched their country and this created psychosis and fear in others. I can assure you that for the work will be completed. It's public works and the modules are known, we know how long it takes to do anything. The access routes can not take more than two months and it is not a question of being ready today, but in March to stay in the settlement but we have already seen countries including the Olympic Games and the World Cup, which were ready on the eve of the start of the competition.

Is not the security aspect a handicap that could work against Cameroon?

Cameroon is not the only country where there is talk of insecurity. I played in many countries including the US where without talking about insecurity we saw that we feared because we saw above our bus helicopters without anyone saying that it could traumatize us, we had people with weapons that accompanied us without saying that armed people are no longer playing football, and so the fear that aroused is that to be able to promise the organization that the teams will be protected as they are in the US and everywhere else does not reassure anyone.

The case of Angola is another example that could challenge CAF on the security issue, is not it?

Something happened in Angola but it was precisely because the Angolans themselves had not taken the lead in the right end since the Togo team that had been attacked had not been protected.This incident made the CAF responsible.Today, CAF avoids being guilty and may be mentioned the security problem when it comes to taking action. There is nowhere in the world where people will be safe without being prepared. So, security is that it must be visible, we must accompany the players, it is precisely necessary to know that the attackers are weaker and looser.When you show fangs, they do not come.

What comments do you make the atmosphere that precedes this important decision of the CAF?

The tension is normal and logical because of what I just said. That is, the information given by Cameroonians and how to give them. You would be anyone you would be in the same situation. We went to play in Russia, yet Chechnya is not far away and nobody mentioned it because the Russians did not do it. The federation elections were held in the Northwest and Southwest regions and went well without squadrons of gendarmeries or army battalions. It is an event that has a unique place, which has a specific date and time.It is therefore a question of protecting a course, a schedule and a given moment.