Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cameroon: Two faithful murdered in Nkolebassimbi evangelical church

On Friday, Decem ber 7, in the department of Lékié, in the center of Cameroon, two faithful of the Evangelical Church "True Church of God" were murdered by a disc jockey who was trying to steal the musical instruments used during the celebrations. 

The emotion is still alive in the village of Nkolebassimbi, in the region of Central Cameroon, about 100 kilometers from the capital Yaounde.

On December 7, Christine Messina and Collette Noah, two residents of this town of 600 inhabitants were brutally assaulted and killed while praying at about 10 pm in the chapel of the Evangelical Church "True Church of God".

"These are two young people from the village who came back from the neighboring village and passed in front of the chapel," said La Croix Africa Symphorien Ndzana, a resident of the village. They saw the door open and inside a torch lit lamp thrown to the ground.When they got frightened, they warned the pastor who came down. "

According to the villagers Collette Noah was found dead visibly after receiving several blows while her friend Christine Messina was still breathing. She was immediately taken to the hospital and succumbed to her injuries but was able to give the name of her attacker.

This is a certain Enama, known in the village as a disc jockey, host of the various Christian and civil festivals in Nkolebassimbi. The individual was found in the early morning of December 8, 2018 by the gendarmerie brigade of the city of Sa'a, while attempting a flight to Yaounde. According to the investigators, musical instruments were found at his home.

The rumors first announced that the murders took place in the Catholic parish Saint Isaiah Elig Edouma, forcing the priest, Father David Nkoma Onana to make a statement to clarify. Bishop Sosthenes Bayemi of the Diocese of Obala asked to pray for both victims.