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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Cameroon: Police Commissioner challenges Paul Biya

The Divisional Commissioner ENYEGUE MBOLONG, Head of Investigation Division of the Specialized Body of Judicial Police Officer of the TCS has been retired since October 4, 2018 according to the Decree of the Head of State.

But he refuses to retire with the complicity of the Attorney General Near the TCS. This brings to light the taste for the illicit benefits of this national security official cited in several Mafia cases at the CHT. Much more an imposing duplex built in Odza, blue hostel place said at the Commissioner, a landmark given the vastness of the area.

The Divisionary ENYEGUE MBOLONG put two of his children to ENAM and EMIA for the year 2017. He built a domain in his village no away from SOA, as well as mini cities for students at SOA. After all this jabegy, he refuses to retire and continues to sign reports illegally, said minutes that may be challenged at the hearing and caused by the nullity of the acts. It is urgent that this corruption stops, because like his older brother, TSILA, Prefet of Mfoundi, all these retirees want to maintain.