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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cameroon: Paul Biya expected in Geneva for medical treatment

All anti-Sardinian brigades in the diaspora have been on the war foot since last night. Because, according to indiscretions cleverly distilled, from authorized circles, Paul Biya would be expected in Switzerland this weekend, for medical care in pain, which he should in principle have received on the sidelines of his participation at the summit of peace in Paris on November 11th.

His invitation was revoked at the very last moment, by order of the Elysee, who feared disturbances from the BAS Place Beauvau (Ministry of the Interior), had indeed received indications that, the protesters and Cameroonian activists had for the occasion, concluded an alliance with the dreaded Black Rocks, of which a commando of twelve thousand people, came express from the Balkans, was preparing to stop the dictator Cameroonian.

In anticipation of this coming, preceded by the denunciation of the life of the despot, by a Swiss parliamentarian, all the representations of the BAS, are preparing to converge on the country of the Helvetians (curious anyway from those who K- Tino deals with undocumented migrants), and this beginning of the month looks pretty hot, despite the freezing cold.

Reporter: Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou