Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cameroon: Paul Biya at the brink of the precipice according to two former SGPRs

According to Joseph Owona and David Abouem in Tchoyi, both former Secretaries General to the Presidency of the Republic (SG / PR), the man of 6 November 1982 began his most arduous seven-year term.

Never has the septennat been so difficult to project as that which has just begun.And in this regard, in the aftermath of the re-elected President of the Republic's oath, in a documentary, the state-owned television channel, Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), gave the floor to some high-ranking clerks. 'State who have had the badge and rare honor to rub elbows almost daily with the mysterious Paul Biya.At age 85, the son of Mvomeka'a, his native village, seems to have in his hands real hot embers. "This mandate will be more sensitive than all the others," predicts David Abouem in Tchoyi, former SG / PR.

His point of view joins that of another figure of weight who has long held the same prestigious position at Etoudi. "This case of Noso (North-West and South-West), we should find a solution that is compatible with the constitutional duty of the President to guarantee the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cameroon and the unity of the nation. I think we often forget that the president also has the constitutional duty that is on his head, "Joseph Owona observes.

For this respected scholar, Paul Biya's challenges are not limited to resolving the Anglophone crisis: "One of the tasks is to ensure that there is balanced growth, growth that distributes social justice to all".

There remains an undeniable fact: the advanced age of the Head of State that Joseph Owona puts into perspective: "I think that the problem is not always a problem of age, a problem of intellect, a problem of reaction. I believe that hitching young and old can allow the president to be able to lead the country and lead the country. "

It is common to hear that Paul Biya is not always aware of everything and that his entourage plays spoilers by obscuring the reality of the facts. The former Minister of National Education provides clarifications that will now that, when history will judge Paul Biya, all the wrongs, all the merits will be attributed to him. It must, more than ever, be praxic.

"He is the most informed man in Cameroon. We must not trust what we say. He has specialized services for that. I believe that every morning, the president receives a newsletter, with a copy to the SG / PR where we take stock of certain problems ", reveals this lawyer who, from the time he was SG / PR, said to have adopted a system of bags in which he transmitted information reserved only to the President of the Republic.

According to him, Paul Biya has sources of personal information, people who send him small papers. "I can tell you that, to be president in Cameroon, you must be able to read at least 200 pages a day".