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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: violent fighting shakes Kumba town

Several people have died in clashes between the Cameroonian armed forces and the English-speaking separatists in recent days in the city of Kumba, capital of the department of the Meme, Southwest region

New fighting yesterday November 05 forces Cameroonian armies to the English-speaking separatists, we learned, from a local source, mentioning several dead on the secessionist side.

The same source indicates that several houses were burned without the knowledge of the inhabitants who had fled the violence to take refuge in the bush.

The English crisis was born in November 2016, when Cameroonians from Western areas of English speaking began to decry for example the infrastructural deficit and the underrepresentativeness in the institutions.

The dialogues initiated by certain civil society actors, the arrests of secession leaders, the military actions and the emergency humanitarian plan launched by the government last June, have not been enough to bring down the tension.