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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: army accused of massacring 6 people in Meluf

Since the Anglophone crisis began, the Cameroonian army has been accused of murder and barbaric acts. Several local sources in Meluf, a locality in Cameroon in the North West Region, west of Kumbo in Bui County, confirm that soldiers have killed at least six people and burned several houses in that part of the country.Among those murdered, Father Valentine YUVEN, director of st. Peter's College in Kumbo.

Meanwhile on the side of Buea, according to reports, fierce fighting takes place in several neighborhoods of the English-speaking city this Thursday morning between the Ambazonian forces and the Cameroonian army. Our informants point out that the neighborhoods concerned are UB Junction, Miss Bright, Mile 18. No information is currently available on the balance sheet.