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Friday, December 28, 2018

Attack of the prefect of the Ocean: the Governor of the South makes shocking revelations

The boss of the region has come down to Kribi to call for calm after the clashes that saw his collaborator get hurt by a projectile December 25, 2018. 

The prefect of the Ocean Department is better and is out of danger. Antoine Bissaga was immediately taken care of at the Kribi District Hospital after the blow he received at the nape on December 25, 2018. At the microphone of the public television, the doctor reassured by indicating that he There is no lesion on the bony part of the area hit by a projectile.

The land chief was hit while talking with angry motorcycle taxi drivers. Antoine Bissaga arrived in disaster to put an end to the altercation between the police and motorcycle taxi drivers. Everything was almost settled when the unexpected happened.

"It was almost late when I felt a blow to the head. I do not know what it is. Some say it's a bottle, others say it's a pebble. In any case, I saw the blood gush and immediately I was taken to the hospital, "he told the microphone of the CRTV.

However, the governor of the South region is convinced that his collaborator is not targeted by the projectile. Félix Nguélé Nguélé immediately left the capital Ebolowa on December 26 to try to restore calm in the seaside town.

"We deplore the wounded in the forefront of which the prefect who was not particularly targeted. I ask the people to remain calm, serene and continue to go about their business.