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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Army: the Colonel who supplies the secessionists, 'pinned'

According to an information note of which a copy has been sent to us, the service having sent it estimating that Paul Biya will never receive it, the accused being the one who should transmit it to him, "Several actors of the military high command .. make every effort to help the secessionists at the moment ". (The briefing note is a report made by an intelligence officer, addressed to the Head of State).

According to the information note, the first actor of the acts denounced, comparable to "high treason" in the body of law, is an individual who holds the position of Chief of Military Security ("Chief Semil"). This superior officer of the National Gendarmerie, Colonel Bamkoui Emile, would be at the head of a supply network of secessionists in arms and ammunition.Paul Biya would already be aware of this accusation, but did not react in the interest of his army and the nation.

Since Paul Biya appointed Bamkoui as director of secret services called Military Security (Semil), this colonel, who has a long history of corruption, robbery, assassination, gang management and theft networks army, transformed Semil's strategic unit into a tempting criminal business. The mission of the Semil is to regularly provide the President of the Republic, Chief of the Armed Forces, and Defense Ministers, reports on the evolution of morale of the troops and information necessary for making good decisions and to the security of the armed forces.

Unfortunately, Emile Bamkoui has turned the Semil into a "unit escort". Very smart, expert in intrigues and rogue, Bamkoui instituted escort formations, on his initiative, in this unit, allowing convoys escorted by one or more agents of the Semil to escape roadside checks. This makes it easy to smuggle ammunition and weapons to "customers" who pay cash even when they are hostile to the Republic of Cameroon.

Bamkoui also escorts personalities in indiscretion with justice. Atangana Kouna Basile's escort for his escape to Nigeria was provided by Emile Bamkoui's First Secretary, against high pay. So, knowing the place where Atangana Kouna was in Nigeria, it is still the Bamkoui escort who kidnapped him and brought him back to Cameroon, but did not repay what Atangana Kouna had paid him for taking him out. Cameroon and hide it in Nigeria.

In recent months, a case that should be considered as high treason, punishable by death, is smothered by Emile Bamkoui.She trailed in the judicial services of the Gendarmerie du Sud.

Indeed, during a routine check of the elements of the Southern Gendarmerie Legion on the Ambam-Ebolowa axis, around 17:00 on June 17, 2018, the Gendarmes discovered that a Toyota Hiace brand car belonging to at the "Mvila Express" travel agency carried a cargo of more than forty thousand (40,000) ammunition.

This civilian vehicle was, curiously and intentionally, escorted by an Agent of the Semil, Corporal Atangana in service to the Bertoua Semilian Antenna, and not to the Antenna either from the Center or from the South as one would have expected logically in view of the itinerary of this false convoy.

On the instructions of Ayissi Ngono Estelle Delphine, Commander of the Southern Gendarmerie Legion, the Driver of the suspect car, Corporal Atangana and the vehicle had been taken to the Southern Gendarmerie Legion in Ebolowa. From the questioning of the individuals arrested, it appears that this cargo escorted by the Semil does not belong to the Cameroonian Army, but rather to the Cameroon Armory Company (ARICAM). The cargo was from Gabon via Nyabizan and by river, Campo, with Limbé as its final destination.

It appears from the confessions of the driver and Corporal Atangana, the two occupants of Hiace, that this cargo is a "command" of English-speaking secessionists and that it was in the process of being delivered.

But as usual, Colonel Émile Bamkoui had not hesitated to join on the phone Commander Ayissi Ngono, arguing the "Very high instructions of the Head of State" to order the immediate release of suspects. To the great astonishment of his associates and subordinates, the Com legion Ayissi Ngono Estelle Delphine had executed himself, without any other form of trial.

In fact, the director of the Semil had informed the Commandant of the Gendarmerie Legion of the South that because of its close proximity to MINDEF Joseph Beti Assomo, whom he knows from Douala, she had nothing to fear from the side of the army. He then asked the Legion Commander to put the quarreled vehicle under guard, the time for him to find out how to convey it by his elements.

In return for the execution of his order by La Comlegion Ayissi Ngono Estelle Delphine, he handed her a silver envelope.The "Semil chief" Bamkoui also promised the lady commander that he will intercede with MINDEF, whom he declares to be well acquainted with this affair, so that she may be promoted Brigadier General.

Several weeks before, the Cameroon Customs had seized military effects bearing insignia Brigadier General in a vehicle purchased in Europe by the Commandant of the Gendarmerie Legion of South. Once informed of this serious situation taking place in his district of jurisdiction and the suspicions hanging over the Semil, the Commissioner of the Government at the Military Court of Ebolowa, Mrs. Aline Mbia [ed], in view of the gravity of the facts, ordered a new arrest of Corporal Atangana and custody.The driver was already on the run and could not be stopped. An investigation has been opened, but it is likely to be hindered for the following reasons:

1) The Directorate of Military Justice is the essential focus of the crimes and crimes of the Semil. Colonel Mvondo Akoutou, at the head of this direction, is regularly cited for having regularly obtained the release without legal cause of highwaymen, through his untimely interventions with the military magistrates. It is to be expected that Colonel Émile Bamkoui and Mvondo Akoutou will intervene in this case, thus hindering the legal consequences that should ensue.

2) Several cables previously intercepted by the intelligence services show that since a relatively recent period, the Cameroonian army has become a springboard for "Affairism and pernicious networks".Impunity, which systematically accompanies cases that have been laid bare, plagues the morale of officers and soldiers who work honestly.

But honest officers and soldiers are certain that President Paul Biya, once made aware, is no longer able to give instructions.

The briefing note concludes by recommending that, in this perspective, except for better appreciation, the President of the Republic must:

1. Investigate an urgent investigation into the current case in Ebolowa while the cargo is still under seal. Such an investigation should be conducted by a structure that is not attached to the Ministry of Defense.

2. Ensure promotions and assignments of officer personnel where, according to credible sources, huge sums have been disbursed for lucrative positions.

I called the chief Sémil Émile Bamkoui last week about this matter, without continuation. The different Semil chiefs have always exploited the Semil for personal and criminal purposes. The assassination of the journalist Jules Koumkoum had been executed by the elements of the Semil on orders of the former Mindef Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o. All the heads of special services in Cameroon are gang leaders.

So goes the operation of the government of mafia and criminals of Cameroon. We accuse Paul Biya the first accountant, but that each direct official comes to answer for his abuses. Enough is enough

Journalist: Patrice Nouma