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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Anniversary of Chantal Biya: Paul Biya makes fun of Cameroonians

I am not sure that there is a country Africa with the same demographic potential, important natural resources, a population as dynamic but with such a level of underdevelopment and collective stupidity. The CAN 2019 is proof that this country is led by a ghost.

It's amazing what we observe there. Here is a guy who decides to commit more than 1500 billion for a CAN 2019 in Cameroon. Even when it was awarded in 2014, it was not urgent. Cameroon was at war with Boko Haram, and construction sites for major achievements to improve living conditions and economic productivity were not completed. But because it is a Mr. Pride, more superficial than deep, he embarked on this project just to do as his predecessor Ahidjo who had organized a CAN.

As soon as the CAN 2019 is allocated to Cameroon, it sends him the reports of the commissions from 2015. It remains for him to read and sign. Ask his gangster SGPR where are we with this folder. Nothing For more than a year. The inertia that characterizes it will guide his actions. He will shut up and nothing will move. Then God sent Ahmad Ahmad. It is at this moment that Biya remembers that he has to organize a CAF and validates the OTC markets of tens or hundreds of billions proposed by his collaborators. Imagine the retro commissions.

But soon, journalists, whistleblowers, intelligence services, political actors sound the alarm and indicate that we go straight to the wall. That the CAN will be withdrawn. What the individual does is to stay in his office in Etoundi or Mvomeka to read the false reports sent by his collaborators that we are just accusing of banditry.

You imagine, a guy has indebted generations and generations of a country billions of CFA francs but is not even fucked to go on a single site to check himself how our money is used. It's terrible. In addition, he calls himself Head of State. I can not believe it.

More serious, facing the situation, what CAF officials who decide to meet in Yaounde. Foreigners will come to show Biya images of the progress of the works he did not know and was content with false reports. All a head of state. What a shame!!! We learn that at that moment he understood that it was becoming difficult.

But even more serious, when CAF officials turn their backs. He does not move. Do not go to any building site. Do not replace anyone to show they care about their CAN. He sits back in bed and gargles vulgar and silly praises sung by his bandit collaborators. And this until we are removed CAN.

It does not stop there. More than one-third of the state budget has been committed. A true boss facing this humiliation is addressed to the nation  Sanctions. Make public commitments. No, the man sleeps calmly at home. To show you how well he is filming at the 48th birthday of his wife and puts pictures online. While the people are angry and feel humiliated. A lack of indescribable modesty. I do not know if this man is still human but I am convinced of two things. He is incompetently dubbed with malice.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt