Friday, December 21, 2018

Ambazonia: the wives of Interim government leaders, Lillian Ayuk Tabe, Chinyere Ogork and Company address Cameroonians

The wives of the secessionist leaders Ayuk Tabe and sui company are detained once again to write an open letter. A letter that they send to the English-speaking Cameroonian.

Below the full letter:

"We know that many feel frustrated by the seeming lack of progress, but we also need to agree that there is no shortcut to ending a fight that you have endured for about 6 decades. has been a year of unnecessary quarrels, but now we are at the crossroads of history with the chance to decisively go collectively and collaboratively in the direction of updating our independence, especially with the level of awareness We must return to the wisdom of our ancestors, who, despite their political differences, have placed the patriotic interest of the state above individual interests.

This was what made them in the 1950s, collectively leave the Enugu House of Assembly and practice a nascent democracy. The truth is that each of our revolutionary movements has legitimate aspirations and that is what makes the resolution of our differences so harsh. We can despite these differences of ideology work together for a common goal - the struggle for independence denote people.This impasse will only be broken when each group will learn to put themselves in each other's shoes. Our leaders must act as facilitators of peace and not as instigators of confusion, misinformation, disorganization and hatred.

Our hope and mortal desire as mothers and wives is to see a speedy resolution of this dispute and put an end to the killings, pains and sufferings of our Southern Cameroons people. We women are aware of this current embarrassment within this struggle and we intend to begin the process of confidence-building which will lead to reconciliation and ultimate resolution of our internal differences. "

Brides of English-speaking leaders:

1. Lilian Ayuk Tabe

2. Sabine Tassang

3. Florence Kimeng

4. Shufai Jacqueline

5. Marie Nfor Nfor

6. Mrs. Eyambe

7. Chinyere Ogork Ntui

8. Awasum Moreen

9. Mrs. Kwanga.