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Friday, December 7, 2018

Ambazonia: the US government puts more pressure on Biya

US Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy says the United States is deeply concerned about the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. 

Last October, Cameroonian President Paul Biya was re-elected for a seventh term in a crisis in the two English-speaking regions of North West and South West. Clashes between army and separatists take place almost daily.

"The crisis in the English-speaking zone is increasing day by day," says the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. "If no solution is found quickly, adds Tibor Nagy, we fear a radicalization in English-speaking areas that could increase support for extremists."

The government must open the dialogue, reiterates Tibor Nagy. "The United States calls for dialogue between the two parties in order to find a compromise, such as some form of decentralization in the English-speaking areas. The country's constitution provides for some form of decentralization and a little more local control for each of its regions. But this Constitution is not fully implemented. I am very worried, and I fear that the situation will get worse if a solution is not found quickly. "

A call that so far has remained a dead letter. During his oath last month, President Paul Biya asked the English-speaking separatists to lay down their arms. And to "find the right way". Without any hint of any negotiations.

As for the general conference of Anglophones - organized by the various religious leaders at the end of November - and intended to provide solutions to this crisis, it had to be postponed for lack of permission from the administration.