Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ambazonia: the US Congress ready to request a military intervention

With Secretary of State for Defense James Mattis, things are frankly likely to be complicated for Cameroon by January 2019 which will sign the entry of the Democrats in Congress! However, with a divided government, the millions of dollars that the Biya regime paid to the Republicans to ignore its crimes in the English-speaking regions of the country, will no longer serve any purpose in terms of lobbying.

Donald Trump back to the wall, will be unpredictable, because his fate now depends on what will decide a handful of Republicans in the Senate. However, the power to declare war now belongs to the Democratic Congress, which will try to regain control of humanitarian interventions to boost morale on the security line ahead of the 2020 elections.

The Biya regime would therefore benefit from putting our country in order for fear of suffering the lightning of the American war machine. John Bolton, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs sees very badly the entry of Russia in the Central African Republic and China in Djibouti. This is likely to strengthen US foreign policy in the Gulf of Guinea in this configuration. In case of military adventurism, it is the Biya regime that will pay the costs of the humanitarian intervention in Cameroon in the English-speaking region!

Cameroonians must take these developments seriously since Biya is determined to die in power instead of avoiding the worst of all Cameroonians.What saddens me is that the separatist rebels are more naive to believe that an American intervention in NO and SO would be to their advantage! No, in case of bombing from American aircraft gates, it is civilians who die by the thousands. After that, US bases are permanently installed in the conflict zone, no matter what the international community thinks. This is true for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and many other areas of conflict where the United States has passed.

The withdrawal of US forces in Syria and Afghanistan naturally responds to the American pivot towards the Gulf of Guinea through AFRICOM. It is therefore logically a strategic retreat of the United States on its Atlantic flank to counter the Russian and Chinese presence in Africa. The Cameroonian authorities would be very naive to continue a silly war against the English-speaking regions to give a carte blanche to the United States to occupy Cameroon militarily. Panafricons will come screaming as usual, but that will not change anything at all to the occupation of Cameroon by the United States. France in all this circus will change nothing, since she even sees only fire with his "yellow vests" that burn everything on the Champs Elysees!

Reporter: Laziz Nchare