Monday, December 31, 2018

Ambazonia: The Revolution is Under Attack, Says Sisiku Christmas Ebini

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We should welcome another act of desperation from the terrorist government of Paul Biya to use the American court system to label all of us terrorists and get Americans and international communities to see us as such. We should see this lawsuit as a golden opportunity to show the American court system and the international community of the culture of crimes against humanity that the francophone government has carried out against its own people for over 56 and the current ongoing and active genocide against Southern Cameroons Ambazonia.

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Although this case is against a certain IvoTapang and the ADF, the direction of the lawsuit is towards our revolution and attempt to label all of us terrorists. I am not a supporter of Ivo Tapang and the divisive and disruptive engagements of ADF within this revolution but such a lawsuit against them is a lawsuit against all of us and the entire revolution and the future of our people and our nation. That is if we allow such nonsense to go unchallenged. We must not only challenge this lawsuit but welcome it, see it as an opportunity to present the crimes of Mr Biya and his band. The finger they try to use to label terrorists must be turned to them as the real terrorists and we be certain that we make it stick.

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Sometimes our fault is that we talk too much, procrastinate,  make empty threats and do nothing. We cannot allow this to happen. All of us must wake up and start acting now. Make a commitment that you will do everything within your possibility and power to make us use this Nsahlai La Republique lawsuit, not only to expose the very dubious human being Nsahlai can be but also to begin the process of getting the Yaounde criminals to start facing some consequences of their crimes.

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As you know I do not like talking empty talks. I was at a function yesterday in Atlanta Georgia. I took sometime to identify some lawyers in the crowd, 3 of them. I took them individually to a corner and talked to them about this lawsuit and ask them for their availability to be part of our legal team to build our defense. All 3 said they will be glad to. That is setting things in motion. All of us should go to work, doing our little bit each day, make a financial commitment to this case and let us make the said lawyer Nsahlai eat his words and know he should never allow himself to dubiously come against our revolution.

Christmas Ebini