Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ambazonia: Mark Bareta, Anglophone activists engage each other on internet war

Indeed, Mark Bareta criticizes the leader of the MORISC on his position on the assassination of Ambazonian fighters of the CSA by those of the ADF in Guzang-Batib in these terms:

"The MORISC plays a political and diabolical concubinage"

"I come from read a statement from the Southern Cameroons Independence Restoration Movement about the Guzang Massacre, MORISC shamefully recounted how these brave fighters were executed and let them know that they could not tell who did it. MORISC claimed that he was still investigating and would update his statement as soon as he knew exactly what had happened.

It is hurtful that MORISC can not call it because it is very clear that ADF units in Batibo have committed such acts. We saw how they lied, justified and are happy on social media, their spokesperson even treating them as goats. Even those who committed these acts were promoted to commanders and colonels by ADF leaders.No friendship, no political tendency should cover these acts, especially against our own people.

MORISC has just acted as an investigative committee of Mr. BIYA that never produces results once created. MORISC hopes that the Batibo incident will resolve itself naturally. Even worse, ADF management is remarkably silent. MORISC has not even called other forces to the Muyenge massacre by SOCADEF.

In attempting to cover and water the Guzang massacre, MORISC, in the same statement, covered the entire statement with other irrelevant issues concerning the United Nations peacekeeping forces, the disarmament committee, and so on. .showed how much less interesting, MORISC deals with Guzang's questions.

The identity of the group is a very bad thing. In a manifestation of perverse unity, these groups within the ARCC all commit a political sin by failing to reject that evil and to build on something new. I wonder what unity and collaboration can happen again.

Everyone before God and the people of Ambazonia will answer one day.

May God help us "Mark Bareta

The replica of Both Herbert is not long in coming.

"Tell Mark - anyone, anyone - that I said that's what happens when former federalists like him join the Restoration train and do not understand how the revolution is going." address to the international community He can continue to Facebook with the Ambazonians MORISC does not join him in order to score cheap points or win popularity contests with Ambazonians who talk with Ambazonians on WhatsApp. MORISC does not target Ambazonians and is not written for ambazonians.

He has already been distributed in the most important inboxes in the world, helping the world to understand what it can do to advance our cause No matter how unpopular we are, we know that leadership is not about doing the things that are popular Mark and Co. can follow the wave of populism anywhere. Since we rolled out the road map, the goal of everything we do at MORISC is to ensure that the revolution scores in the environment where it matters most (the international community) to reach our goal the most important: recognition. As our statement indicates, MORISC will be updated when we can independently confirm the information we have. When you do what I've done for as long as I do, you understand that the only thing you know is that you do not know it - until you know it. NTUMFOYN BOH Herbert (Yindo Toh) "