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Friday, December 21, 2018

Ambazonia: ADF appoints a successor to General Ivo

Ambyazonia Defense Forces Commander-in-Chief AYAA CHO Lucas and his chief of defense counsel Benedict KUAH appointed General EFANG as the new Ground Commander and promoted him Brigadier General

Here is his release:

From the Desk of the Chairman, Ambazonia Defense Council

This morning, one of Ambazonia's bravest and finest breed was killed in action. General Ivo died in the battle of Teke. He was a rare breed, a true soldier of Ambazonia.

After due consultations, Brigadier General Efang to the rank of General and the Overall Ground Commander of the Ambazonia Defense Forces. With the Gods of Ambazonia at his back and our support, he picks up the baton as we continue our inevitable march to Buea. He now shoulders an awesome responsibility and he needs to carry it.

Chairman of the Defense Council

Benedict Kuah »