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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Afcon Withdrawal: will the CAF refund our 800 Billion?

The withdrawal of the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon allows to perceive various and shared opinions. To this end, the reactions show here that some people think that Ahmad Ahmad, president of the Caf remains constant in his negative attitude toward Cameroon. What a heavy mistake Cameroon has committed to receive such a sanction from the CAF the question wonders Joseph Marie Eloundou actor of civil society.

The withdrawal of the organization of the African Cup of Nations Football in Cameroon leaves room for a number of questions that are ours. Beyond the emotion it is good that we first stop on the facts. I will relay my remarks by supporting my argument on several axes. First the politico-sporting axis and the quarrels of the leaderships, the economic axis and the losses that engages, the axis security.

The sporting axis here is good to remember that since President Ahmad is at the head of the Confederation of African Football, Cameroon has not ceased to be under pressure. First by his former president Cameroonian Issa Hayatou who has already suffered several affronts and the latest in the sentencing to pay a fine of 24 million CFA francs. President Ahmad has also continued to brandish the threat of withdrawal and several countries have already proposed to organize this prestigious competition which has gone from 16 teams to 24 teams. Subsequently, we see in his speech what is called in Cameroon the dance "Bafia", he says "it is in Cameroon to tell us if it will be ready or not" then suddenly, we find that this is no longer the case. We strongly suspect here that President Ahmad already had some preferences because it was not under his presidency that Cameroon was chosen to host this competition, but well under Issa Hayatou who today is lynched on the public square.

On the technical side, could Cameroon not be ready in the next 7 months? 

According to Cameroon's specifications, the technical infrastructures selected for the CAN had 2 stadiums of 15,000 places, 2 of at least 20000 places, and 2 others of 40 000 places, each stadium having to have 2 stadiums. 'trainings. The stadiums selected here are those of Bafoussam, limb, japoma, the sports stadium, the Olembe stadium and the Garoua stadium. As for hotel infrastructures, some forty hotels have been listed by Cameroon, and only the japoma and olembe stadiums are still under construction and in the final phase. One has the impression that a certain relentlessness was made against Cameroon, simply because, it is remembered that Brazil kicked off the 2014 World Cup while the construction sites were not finished; is it because it is Brazil that the organization has not been withdrawn? Why is it necessary to throw anathema on Cameroon?

What is Cameroon losing? 

CFAF 800 billion or $ 1.6 billion budget for the organization, who will repay that? we think that the privileged interests have been put in play in order to remove this tournament in Cameroon, how can we understand that after having started such a project, we come out as an argument of the questions of the course roads of uncompleted stages then that we are focused on the realization of structures that are 80% made. And here we have real architectural gems we think economic damage here has to be taken into account.

We are convinced that a Can 24 is much more lucrative, and is the largest budget ever incurred for the organization of this competition on our competition. The fallout here is enormous and will certainly have aroused a lot of envy. but the fact that it is Cameroon, the country of Issa Hayatou seem to have been one of the disruptive elements of the members of the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football; we can therefore see a desire to harm, and also a set of conflict of interest that can allow us to effectively question the sincerity of the CAF approach and also to re-examine the morality of the president of this association.

The CAF President also mentions security issues. Tell us which countries do not know about insecurity. France did not organize the euro in 2016 after a series of terrorist attacks to his credit. We remember the attacks of "Charlie Hebdo" attacks in stadiums in France in the capital. So far, Yaoundé has never been touched in terms of terrorist insecurity.Our country is in the grip of internal remouds whose evolution goes in favor of peace. How to make believe to the world that we are at war when we know that the great powers even have generally internal crises which can lead to clashes?

I think that Cameroon should withdraw from the CAF and must file a complaint because the economic, political and sporting damages are enormous and will have dangerous repercussions on the populations at the risk of creating a crisis and possibly degrading our relations with the backers.

Columnist: Joseph Marie Eloundou