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Monday, December 3, 2018

Afcon Withdrawal: shared responsibilities for Biya and his ministers

The news fell like a chopper. Cameroon will not organize the final phase of the CAN 2019. The painting ignited. And Cameroon is boiling. 

A missed opportunity

And yet it was one of the great opportunities of the new Seventh Septennate of Renewal. Regarding the organization of the African Cup of Nations attributed to Cameroon since 2014, the President hammered it in a phrase that became famous "Cameroon will be ready the day said." And all the political landerneau took it again to heart joy "we will have our CAN" After the offbeat of 1972, it was necessary to wash the affront and to restore the blazon lost of Cameroon for 45 years. In a "patriotic" impulse that hid a demagoguery and a lack of realism, we committed ourselves. The private sector has started. Several hotels have sprung up from the earth in Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Garoua and Limbe. After all, Cameroon is the reference of football in Africa, it was to open the competition of the modern CAN. Receive 24 countries instead of 16.

And then, predators of all kinds and all genres entered the dance. Inertias and improvisations succeeded one another, in carrying out the work of the CAN. In the execution and execution of the works, clientelism and corruption have mingled. And then especially as stated by Jean Michel Nintcheu, member of the National Assembly "The actual start of the work was dictated by the lure of quick and easy gain. The various mafia lurking in the shadows understood that the rapine could be better deployed only through a well-oiled strategy of delay maintained which aimed to lead to the various emergency procedures with what it entails as retro-commissions and reduction the number of signatories due to the simplification of the administrative formalities for the release of funds".

The CAF in troubled waters

Until the moment when, tired of waiting for significant advances in work and the assurance of holding a CAN according to the rules of art, the decision of the African Football Confederation fell , through a letter to his Excellency Mr. Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon "It is with respect that I am addressing you at this time or the CAF Executive Committee meeting in extraordinary session in Accra on 30 November 2018, has just decided to postpone Cameroon's organization of the 2019 African Cup of Nations. "

It is necessary to pay the bill.

Suddenly, the whole of Cameroon has been stung, the canvas invaded. Shared between the moderation "I am almost sure that it is to avoid a humiliation on a large scale that he chose to come to say with his words to the Head of State, the reality of an almost irreversible process" Optimism "We must calmly complete the rehabilitation projects and construction of infrastructure in ethical proportions, far from spending madness under the pretext of urgency" And rancor "The Cameroonian authorities and more precisely the President of the Republic must learn the lessons who impose themselves and take advantage to put an end to the activities of all these hooligans who are recruited in his entourage in which there are however, men and women of value who believe in this country "