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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Afcon Withdrawal: Philemon Yang's head put on a price

Militant and member of the regional office of the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), Luc Ouandi was a deputy senator during the last term of office. Interested in sports issues, he decided on the decision of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to withdraw the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations (Can 2019) in Cameroon. It demands the resignation of Prime Minister Philemon Yang who, according to him, has failed.

Below is his reaction

It was a predictable situation. Our president has always been lax. You see all the time we are taking to organize a final of the Cameroon Cup and which has cost us a place in the African Confederation Cup. This was an indicator. When a manager says that he personally commits himself to follow the work and that he never went down on the ground to realize what is going on; there is a problem knowing of course that everything has never happened as we would have liked.

I will illustrate what I say by two facts that we all know. Remember that we organized the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of Cameroon with a delay. Even the fiftieth anniversary of our army was celebrated with a delay. And on occasion when the president finds himself at Buea, he says "better late than never". It had not taught him a lesson; but now it touches the Can. It is a failure of the CPDM and its government. He can not associate all Cameroonians with this failure; it does not concern us.

We Cameroonians have no responsibility for this failure, which is that of a government. He must assume it. If we were in a normal regime (because I know we are not), the president of the organizing committee who is the Prime Minister had to put on his apron immediately because he failed. Every day he told his conductor that everything was going well. Because he lied, he had to resign. Then all the members of the government who are with him had to resign or be disembarked. Finally, all the governors of the regions that were to host the CAN should be dismissed because they did not put the information back in time to say that the work was not working.

There are a lot of people who should lose their jobs. Regarding the release of the Minister of Communication who speaks of injustice he tries a little to see what injustice. When we put Cameroonians in difficult situations and when we say that these are situations of injustice, we are reminded that we are in heaven or in a world that has only justice. Now the Minister of Communication is talking about injustice where there is none, it does not concern us. They try to make us believe that they will continue the work, it really must.

But we must already know that even in 2021, there will be no CAN in Cameroon. We can not go to jostle Côte-d'Ivoire who had all the difficulties to obtain the organization of this CAN. If we followed Ahmad Ahmad from end to end, the language he holds, we can well understand that it was a diplomatic language to make us believe we can still. I think it's a fool of people who wanted to recover with this Can organization.