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Monday, December 3, 2018

Afcon Withdrawal: Paul Biya must take the hand to afford a survival

Until the war plan of Charly Noah brings us back to our CAN 2019, the terrible news withdrawing in Cameroon the organization of this competition is official. A blow of club. A humiliation for the whole country.

All that Mbappe Leppe, Atangana Ottou, Ndoumbe Leah, Michel Kaham, Dr. Abega, Tsebo Jean Marie, Manu Dibango, Ndip Akem, Mbida Arantes, Omam Biyick, Calixte Beyala, Geremi Njitap, Samuel Eto'o, Stephen Tataw, Patrick Mboma, Dikongue Pipa, Jean Daniel Eboue, Thomas Nkono and many other Cameroonians built by dint of hard work, with perseverance and talent was swept away...

Incurability, greed, laxity, incompetence, inertia have carried the image of a Cameroon full of skills and endowed with immense financial and material resources.

Scratching just a little bit, we find the same picture in the energy file, in that of roads, in that of Camair-Co, etc. Common to all these issues, billions flow freely. The coffers of the state are being emptied for the benefit of the individuals who serve the country that has called them from obscurity to light. This group has just covered the whole of Cameroon with an unspeakable shame.

And then the President of the Republic?They have just displayed in the face of the world that his word no longer weighs for his collaborators. He made a solemn commitment. They executed their own agenda, in the frantic pursuit of billions.

Country covered with shame, President of the Republic humiliated, State coffers siphoned, only one remains to Paul Biya: show that he He remains the master of this system which he has fashioned and which has just brought him the most brilliant failure of his career.

Resuming the hand quickly, effectively or even brutally is the only survival option available to Paul Biya. All the political victories won formed against him a coalition whose greatest pleasure is not only to oust him but rather to humiliate him.

The withdrawal of CAN 2019 appears as Act 1 of a series...

Journalist: Raoul Dieudonné Lebogo Ndongo