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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

AFCON Withdrawal: Paul Biya can only organize fraud and mafia

His latest discovery is what he cynically calls The Force of Experience, a poor slogan cheated by the late Omar Bongo.CAF has just undressed Paul Biya and all his accomplices at a time when he is increasingly isolated on the international scene. It's really a pity to have at the head of Cameroon a man without conscience and so false who is afraid even of his own name. A gentleman who manages a whole country with his "sobriquet". Barthélémy Bi Mvondo Abondo, that's the name of the president actually, but why is he so afraid of his own name? What does he hide in this phobia of his name?

Biya has never even been able to create her own party. He has just taken over Ahmadou Ahidjo's UNC, which he has transformed in Bamenda into the CPDM.And since 1985, he confiscates this party and manages it with our country as the grocery store. Everything is sincerely false in Biya who creates fictitious organs to help it to drag on to power: ONEL / ELECAM, the Supreme Court / Constitutional Court, pseudo Constitution of 1996 modified in 2008 which requires the Decentralization that Biya refuses to apply , the BIR is actually an armed militia created for the sole protection of the president and his family, while the regular army is weakened. And the height of this cynicism is that even in the field of Football, Biya has improvised a STANDARDIZATION COMMITTEE that tacitly replaces FECAFOOT. In the end, it cost us the organization of the CAN 2019 that its management team is unable to prepare successfully because of the fraud and corruption erected in governance mode in the CPDM!


First the Cameroonian people. You know, a lot of Cameroonians blindly supported the Biya regime without any blame for its management because in their hypocrisy, they were sure to flatter the ego of Paul Biya and his mafia networks to brew money in a blur total where rapine, retrocommissions were to water their offshore accounts in tax havens. That is why the Biya regime has preferred Turkish, Chinese and Italian mafia networks to build infrastructure and help its accomplices to sign large OTC markets in the black market to escape the strict control of the World Bank and the World Bank. IMF.

It still surprises you to realize that President Paul Biya for more than 5 years did not even find the time to make a descent on a single site and ensure the progress of the work? How can we build a Paul Biya stadium in Olembe and Biya can not go to visit this site?

Biya prefers an insolent luxury by buying Mercedes that cost more than 800 million a piece, but he is unable to use even these large engines to visit the sites that cost us the withdrawal of CAN 2019. It is very sad that our country will be hit hard by the very dramatic consequences of this catastrophic incompetence for the economic operators of our country who have been heavily indebted to make huge investments and support the effort of the state. Where will they find the funds to pay off these debts?

This will at least warn crooks to no longer rely on Mr. Biya's misleading words very accustomed to making gratuitous statements of cheater unable to visit a single yard to inquire about the actual progress of work at each site. I pity the poor people who will themselves undergo the Finance Act 2019 which highlights new taxes (environmental tax and waste subject to all imports), excise duties on thrift stores, cancellation of allowances 20% on new tires (so many truckers of goods transport will be affected and pass on the price of transport of goods that will pay the populations). This is the price to pay for our flippancy. The rather hypocritical and not very serious people have continued to trust our Machiavellian president, who continues his swindles to exploit us like slaves!


Biya and her securocrats continue to shout "force is the law" in their effort to maintain their "united and indivisible Cameroon" in myopia a frenzy that cost the lives of thousands of our compatriots, both on the side of secessionist rebels and on the side of the regular army. President Biya is frankly disconnected from reality to the point where his decrees have neither tail nor head! If not, how can one understand his latest decree that makes a mockery of the call for dialogue and calls for the creation of rebel disarmament and reintegration institutions unilaterally as a way out of the crisis?

However, in the field of conflict management, Cameroon has specialized experts who master appropriate methodologies and are able to get Cameroon out of the security impasse. By dint of groping and improvising, the Biya regime has become a real danger for the Cameroonian people in its entirety. It is the widespread insecurity that cost the CAN 2019. When I communicated the letter of the American Congress addressed to the governing body of CAF, uncultivated and myopic analysts all acquired CPDM in their stooge and patriotism have made fun of me. Ignoring the fact that the Americans had lost their pastor in the North West. No one can ignore American injunctions in the diplomatic corridors. It's so stupid to listen to comical and ridiculous boasters like the Banda Kani, Jean De Dieu Momo, Owona Nguini, Ernest Obama, Herve Kom, Felix Zogo, Atangana Manda who have accustomed the Cameroonian people to the language of wood in this country. that they consider to be sophisticated analyzes of strategic issues that threaten the interests of our country. We have always avoided being complacent in our harsh criticisms and very pointed to help the public authorities to think to avoid recurring disappointments that cost the state a lot.

What people characterize in the president's "fine strategy", experience for me is the Machiavellianism and lies that continue to humiliate the people of Cameroon. We are the laughing stock of the whole world. The international community is making fun of us. What is very fine strategist when Biya squarely avoids the Cameroonian people? Biya is so absent from the country that her rare visits to the interior of the country are dubbed "election campaigns" in this or that part of the country. Even as an intellectual, BIYA is unable to write his own book, which is why he is inspired by the political ideology of his thought-masters without even understanding what they are talking about.So it's no secret that thinkers like Sengat Kuoh, Doumba and Ngango were the authors of Biya's only book: "For Community Liberalism". It is this famous book that Biya has never explained to anyone that teachers like Hurbert Mono Ndjana celebrate as the ideological program of the party of flames! What a desappointment!

If we observe the attitude of the president of our country, we wonder why he fled interviews. At each speech, even to declare a war, he needs a piece of paper to read a speech written in advance. After 36 years of undivided power, it is scandalous to realize that the president of the republic is unable to speak properly in English. It does not provide any effort in this direction, we understand why for several years the Anglophone crisis has worsened to become a merciless war.

It is this incompetent system embodied by the President of the Republic that has become a factory for the manufacture of counterfeiters and fraudsters within the political, economic, academic and administrative elite of our country. Big fanfarons distracted and unable to conceive a simple project to achieve it.

The withdrawal of the CAN 2019 was therefore a surprise only for lazy people who still have not understood that it is a crime to let the mediocre people to direct the destiny of more than 25 million people in sham and fraud. An amoral governing elite can only reap failure and cascading humiliation!

Reporter: Laziz Nchare