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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

AFCON Withdrawal: Célestin Djamen congratulates Ahmad Ahmad

Celestin Djamen, politician and activist of the MRC exults after the decision of the CAF, namely removed the organization of the CAN 2019 in Cameroon.

Celestin Djamen did not hide his great joy on the pan-African television set, Afrique Média, following the CAF's withdrawal from the organization of the CAN 2019 in Cameroon, According to this defector of the SDF, CAF President Hamab Hamad has laid bare 36 years of bad governance.

Here is an extract of his reaction

I am very happy with Ahmad Ahmad's speech. It has been crystal clear and logical at all levels. The government has failed completely and it needs to be made clear. Why did the head of state never visit the building sites when he himself made the commitment to the people?

It is a big shame for the incompetent who direct us. Be aware that this is the first time that such a decision has been unanimously adopted by all members of the CAF Executive Committee. Some have even split the Cameroonians into two categories:

The patriots who are for the CAN in 2019 and the anti patriots who are happy with the withdrawal of this competition (laughter). We are only talking about stages; We have roads in Bafoussam? it is almost impossible to reach the stadium in the rainy season with mud. Did they think about that.