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Friday, December 7, 2018

AFCON Withdrawal: ACFAC to Sue CAF

The final report of the extraordinary meeting of the Association of Amateur Football Clubs of Cameroon, held last December 4, counted in its conclusions to continue the CAF CAS. However, the meeting of the Central Organizing Committee of CAN (Comip-Can), chaired on December 5, 2018, by the Cameroonian Prime Minister, puts cards on the table.

Among the resolutions taken, the government's refusal to initiate legal proceedings against the CAF, to challenge the decision to withdraw the organization of the CAN 2019 Total in Cameroon.


All in all, Acfac's decision to sue CAF at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) could be judged admissible by competent CAS bodies, and still assured the president of this court. During a symposium held yesterday in Switzerland, on legal issues, a theme on the law of sport arouses the curiosity of a Cameroonian lawyer.

The latter by asking his question, looks at the hot news. To this question, the President of the CAS present answers."Technically speaking, there is certainly a route of recourse. According to my memory, the statutes of the CAF make it possible to have recourse to the CAS.Afterwards, I can not tell you what will happen with the result. Since we do not yet know the reasons. But the procedure, it may be possible within the time limits that are prescribed. "

Indeed, given the fact that the deadline for the CAS expires on December 10, at midnight in accordance with Article 48 paragraph 3 of the statutes of the CAF , Acfac intends to give its final position.

In the communiqué signed and made public, on December 06, 2018, the president of the Acfac, Balla Ongolo Henry Claude announces an extraordinary meeting of the executive bureau.

The chapter of Can Total 2019 in Cameroon could be closed next Monday in Yaoundé.