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Friday, November 2, 2018

URGENT: the swearing-in of Paul Biya takes place today Friday

This Friday, November 2, Paul Biya will be sworn in for a seventh consecutive term. But what will he say to encourage some restraint as opponents continue to challenge his victory?

It is certainly not yet official. This is the information given by Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV). According to Cameroon's national radio and television channel, Paul Biya will be inaugurated as president on Friday, 2 November.

According to the public body, the swearing-in ceremony will take place after a regular session of the National Assembly. "The ordinary session of November convened to the National Assembly of Cameroon. After the solemn opening on Friday, the next highlight of the session will be the swearing in of the re-elected president, "reads CRTV's Twitter page.

Elected on October 7 with 71.28% of the vote, taking over the other seven candidates including Maurice Kamto, second with 14.23%, Paul Biya aged 85 years, begins a seventh consecutive term at the head of Cameroon. A power to which he accedes in 1982 following the resignation of Amadaou Ahidjo, first president of the Republic.

But, although Paul Biya's victory may have been "overwhelming", she seems to be suffering from a small problem of legitimacy. Both the opposition and observers continue to challenge it because of "multiple frauds and irregularity". This, despite the evacuation of electoral disputes by the Constitutional Council which had rejected all 18 motions for annulment brought by "injured" candidates. And while it may seem an exaggeration to speak of a post-election crisis, almost incendiary statements by opponents, intimidating authorities' messages and arrests of opponents are reminiscent of a tense climate in the classroom. Cameroonian politics.Observers hope then, that the first speech of this seventh term of President Biya is most conciliatory, progressive and concrete. In order to alleviate the frustration or wrath of some Cameroonians dissatisfied with the results of this election and the management of public affairs.