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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Testimony: 'Police are afraid to touch Maurice Kamto'

We did it, YES we did it. It was magical.They were waiting for us at the stadium we went to the Nlongkak roundabout.Maurice KAMTO started his speech, the police were there, no one dared to move a finger, they were all afraid. The more he spoke, the more people came running, the people applauded, they cheered the man's courage.

Then suddenly a military truck arrives, they surround the garden but nobody moves.My God it was like a movie. The president finishes his speech and then walks towards his car with the people, flags in hand, for some raised hands... we advance, the army surrounds us, we all sing Kamto PRESIDENT. The cars are increasing, there is a zealous man who is in one of the cars.... KAMTO advances with the people, the zealous man cries to his colleagues "block it" nobody dares, "block it" nobody dares, KAMTO advance imperturbable. Then we hear him scold his driver "moufff blocks down", he blocks KAMTO who was already in front of his car. They want to stop it, the Cameroonians surround the car forbidding the military to touch it, the military stubborn.

The people surround KAMTO thus prohibiting to touch it. "You do not touch him" they shouted, KAMTO asks them to let them tell him no President nobody touches you. A fight breaks out, The president reminds his guys begging them to let him stop, what they respect, some in tears. They scatter crowds, stop some.... All this in front of an audience that cheers. Ouffff it was intense !!!!! Thank you President for this historic moment.

Reporter: Duplex Ngetsop