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Friday, November 2, 2018

Support for Paul Biya's candidacy: Mani Bella asks for forgiveness!

For having supported the candidacy of President Paul Biya by participating, along with other artists, the mega concert held at the Palais des Sports in Yaounde on September 22, during the presidential campaign, the young star of Cameroonian music Mani Bella in today pays the price.

Like many other musicians who have taken up the cause of re-elected head of state Paul Biya, "the Pala Pala girl" is no longer welcome among his compatriots in the diaspora. A network of organizers of shows has been formed to denounce and blacklist, in Europe in particular, all the professionals of the song having supported the candidacy of "Renewal" during this presidential election.

If, like K-Tino, most of the inverted artists have chosen the replica, Mani Bella, she seems to have opted for appeasement to safeguard her financial interests in particular. On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, on his facebook page, the artist acknowledged his "mistake" and apologized to his fans.

"Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, but the most important thing in life is to admit mistakes and make the effort not to repeat them again", philosopher "Mani La Belle". "I am conscious of having disappointed you, know that I sincerely apologize. My primary goal was not to hurt you, on the contrary. (...) Forgive me, I admit to having done, "she leans before her audience.