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Friday, November 2, 2018

Re-election of Biya: new revelations by Cameronian Artist

According to the artist, the "real results" are those presented by the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC).

In a video posted on social networks in the aftermath of the proclamation of the results of the 2018 presidential election, the musician Longue Longue believes that the victory of Maurice Kamto has been stolen. "Kamto gave us the real results," he says in the video.

According to Long Long, it is normal for people to claim this "stolen victory". He asks voters to denounce this theft. "Say you stole your victory. Nobody can stop you from saying that.

The artist recalls that "Kamto never sent people on the street" to claim this victory.He finds that claims can be formulated through videos posted on social networks.

In another video released during the election campaign, Longue Long announced its support for People's Front for Development (FPD) candidate Akere Muna. The musician Longe Long had left no doubt about his intention to vote. He accompanied to this end, the candidate of the Popular Front for Development (FPD) at all its campaign meetings.

"Akere Muna is the only one able to solve the crisis that is shaking the North West and South West regions. He appealed to me and I said yes. For 60 years, francophones have confiscated the country. It is time for an anglophone to take over the country to calm also the English-speaking minority in Cameroon, "said Longue Longue.