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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Professor Messanga apologizes to Cameroonians

The politician and university sent an open letter to his compatriots in the aftermath of the inauguration of President Biya made

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President Paul BIYA reaches out to all Cameroonians. The electoral process has just been completed in accordance with Articles 140 and 141 of the Electoral Code.

The Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People in all its ethnic and political sensitivities has just garnered a victory in accordance with Article 7 of the constitution, which allowed the elected President HE Paul BIYA to take an oath. Cameroon through this recent election is today an envied country in terms of democracy in Africa. The Cameroonian exception is confirmed.

In the same momentum from the point of view of football, Roger Milla was not the oldest striker to score a GOAL in a world cup? This Cameroonian exception affirmed with Françoise Mbango, two medal winners in the Olympic Games, Thomas Nkono and Joseph Antoine Bell, goalkeepers off the world stage or with exceptional football strikers like Samuel Eto'o, Patrick Mboma or tennis player Yannick Noah and the Éwanjé-Épée sisters in athletics.

Also featured are exceptional artists like Manu Dibango, Richard Mbappe, Eboa lotin, Francis Beybey and the famous Nubian sisters, rapper Menelik, with a press held by personalities like Blaise Pascal Talla de Jeune Africa Economy, Marie Roger Biloa of Africa International, not to mention the talent of an Alain Foka at RFI and many Cameroonian intellectuals like Ernest Simo of NASA, Tudjan Pouemi in economics, Hock Belen in mathematics, Calixte Beyala in literature, Mongo Beti or Ferdinand Leopold Oyono, to name only those heroes of the Cameroonian exception. All have supported and still support HE Paul BIYA, 85 years old today.

In Cameroon we like it and even at this age. His speech was of modesty like no other. Because he totally ignored the supporters of an unbearable tribal speech. He also defeated the cynicism of the supporters of a macabre and untimely electoral contest.Instead, he turned to the future by inviting supporters of war and chaos to lay down their arms. His attachment to a one and indivisible Cameroon remains eternally for us as a testament.

Turning to youth, he expressed to them both his attachment and his bored affection, saying: "I understood you". What a good father Paul Biya! Did not he reach out to all his children? Has he not shown that he is humble? Did he not remain silent in the face of the insults, contempt and hatred shown by some of his children on a daily basis with regard to his function and his age? Paul BIYA is a man of God, as proof, the more he cash his detractors tear themselves between them, ie his ministers and his former ministers become today his worst opponents.

Was it wrong to give them the opportunity to serve Cameroon? Should he be the man to kill, because his collaborators for some have mutilated the development? Yes, Paul BIYA's answer is reaching out to his children as a statesman but also as a father. For this new mandate, biyaistes by my voice also reach out for the happiness of our country Cameroon. If we have failed on certain points because of the men, for this mandate, we bow down by asking you PARDON. I really beg your pardon if by moment and by pride we hit you.

The national president has just plotted the path through his new oath and his speech.As for you who have also despised and insulted Paul BIYA our President of the Republic, we forgive you in the name of our ancestors and Almighty God. May his mercy be granted to all the children of Cameroon including those who wanted good and bad to diet. May the proponents of power and opposition in our country be united in love, tolerance, forgiveness and wisdom. May the blood stop flowing in our territory, may divine justice seize the men and women who govern Cameroon.

The president of the republic extends his hand to us, accept this divine hand of the patriarch, without pride and in all humility. It is only at this price that our beautiful country Cameroon will be even stronger.Let's do it for the wisdom and the greatness of our country. Let's do it for the yellow-red green hit with a gold star making our pride. I love you all without distinction, my dear brothers and sisters. I love my country Cameroon.