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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Post-electoral climate: this is what Maurice Kamto is criticized

For me, the 2018 presidential elections are over and it is a waste of time to linger in the hope of changing anything.

But I have to make a last address to the KAMTO Pack that constantly defiles my posts with provocative remarks. KAMTO is a true case study. We want to say that we hate him because he is Bamileke, but Bamileke, we already have them in the elections in Cameroon! And tribalism is not unique to Bamileke!

What is criticized KAMTO is not to be Bamileke! It is to have used this status to claim the power, implicitly as it did to the Constitutional Council or explicitly through its Pack, by supporting its claims on two logics that have no value in Cameroon.

First, the rotating logic that they thought to read in the sequence of the first two Heads of State, where after Ahidjo-le-Fulbé, and Biya-l'Ekang you could only have Kamto-le-Bamileke.

This reading proceeds from demagogic intellectual reconstructions that have no connection with the facts. Ahidjo was chosen by the settlers whom he served with zeal and devotion, without asking the opinion of Fulbe. When the same whites decide to replace it with Biya, they do it without asking the Ekang and he has served them with even greater zeal.

Where does the rotation come from?Where does the expression come from: "you have eaten too much, we must also leave our turn? If you claim your turn, you must go to Paris, who has appointed the first two heads of state! But if you want Cameroonian membership, do not talk to them about a turn!

The second logic is based on an alleged demographic and economic supremacy of Bamileke that would give them the right to get their hands on state power. This idea is so entrenched in some fanatical circles in this community that they are ready to bury alive those of their brothers who are trying to bring them back to earth.

And yet, if the Bamileke are indeed very present in places of visibility, what are the cities and the small tertiary sector, this absolutely no relation with any economic control of Cameroon and even less, a demography superior to the others!

But nourished since childhood by the milk of these unhealthy illusions, part of this group has stuck in its false certainties, unable to leave it. Hence this frightening manifestation of the most extreme and most grotesque forms of a drift based on tribal superiorities calculated without funds and the permanent denial of reality.

KAMTO got 14% and dust and this is his normal and real score, given the tribal trap in which our democracy fell and of which Kamto himself and his flock are the main culprits.

He can not go further and his attempts to change this result can not lead to anything. After trying to create a popular uprising that failed, this Pack has embarked on the incredible challenge of boycotting artists who are not supportive of their crazy and insane businesses.

Whether they boycott the state they compulsorily covet control, we do not know for what purposes, or boycott the government, it's their business. But when they come out of this framework and start provoking the Communities as they have always done, and the Social Segment as the artists, they clearly go beyond the red line.

Things must now be clear: that the Pack KAMTO does not misunderstand the determination of Cameroonians! This placid people can be very mean to their attackers! The aggressive, hateful and intolerant Pack, prone to ethnicist illusions, overestimates its operational abilities to bend the course of Cameroon and presumes too much of its strength.

But it is likely to suffer the terrible consequences. We do not know what KAMTO and his flock saw to be so hysterical. How can they engage in a power struggle under current conditions?Nothing is absolutely favorable for them!Neither popular support, demographic advantage, nor strategic positioning, nor operational means. What makes them so good?

Do they have a hidden strategy? Do they know the risk they run to the country with their schemes? Is it the training that was instilled in them from an early age and that prevents them from opening their eyes to reality and being so arrogant?

The reality is that Cameroonians do not want KAMTO in Etoudi! Cameroonians will never accept an individual who maintains an aggressive and insulting scum, who classifies the country into a "tribe of workers" and "tribes of mediocre", a language forever reprobated since Adolf Hiltller.

We do not want KAMTO in Etoudi and there will not be a President of the Republic called Kamto Maurice in Cameroon. Do you want to be told in which language? Cameroonians do not want Kamto, that's all! Take note and move on!

All your trash is for what?

As for the cowardly and incapacitated power of Yaounde, we ask him to keep this Pack away from honest people, because if it continues its provocations, if it continues to treat the communities as "sheep", "enjoyers", "lazy", If it continues its aggression against corporations, if it impudently pursues the desecration of churches and insults the clergy, the groups harassed by these provocations will themselves take the initiative to impose a definitive silence on it.

And if the state is not able to muzzle the Pack, it is not the assaulted groups that will contain in their legitimate anger.

Reporter: Dieudonné Essomba