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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Post-electoral climate: strategies to counterattack Kamto's plan

While peacefully preparing for the swearing-in ceremony of the declared winner of the CPDM after the October 07 presidential election, Paul Biya's legitimacy is curiously questioned by his main challenger and his supporters, who launched their "national resistance plan". A lame and dangerous approach, likely to undermine social peace, national unity and living together, sine qua non conditions of progress, development and emergence to which Cameroon aspires.

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After logically rejecting the eighteen appeals for partial or total annulment of the presidential election of October 7 last, the Constitutional Council declared the candidate of the CPDM winner after this election which, overall, took place in calmness, serenity and transparency. The Cameroonians, in full sovereignty, freely proceeded on October 7, at the election of the President of the Republic for the next seven years.

Apart from the low participation rate in the North-West (15%) and South-West (5%) regions due to the precarious security situation in these two regions, international observers did not find malfunction or major incident that could undermine the credibility of the ballot box.This is the meaning of the good points awarded to Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) in charge of the organization of the ballot and the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MINAT), which accompanied and supervised ELECAM before, during and after the operations of vote.

Haro in the hands of chaos In the camp of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM, party in power), activists and supporters naturally took out bottles of champagne chilled while waiting for October 22, the day of the proclamation of the result of the presidential election by whom by right to celebrate, as it should, the victory of their champion, the only one among his eight challengers who have the profile, the stature, the build, the real assets of a man of The state aspiring to the high office of President of the Republic. That is why in a large majority, Cameroonians from North to South, from East to West and in the Diaspora, in all sovereignty, have freely voted for President Paul Biya for the next seven years.

The joy in the CPDM camp is of course in contrast with the frustration in the ranks of the opposition, which continues to brandish accusations of massive fraud and denounces an alleged "electoral hold-up". The problem is that the questioning of the verdict of the ballot boxes, in particular by the candidate Maurice Kamto, is outside the legal channels. Especially that the candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) and his followers have activated the "national plan of resistance" which can be summed up in calls for a popular uprising both in the national triangle and abroad, seem determined to put the country on fire and blood.


Recently, groups have appeared on social networks that sow hatred and conjure chaos. "Volunteers MRC II", named after one of these groups, asks, for example, that "in every village and town, people organize themselves to be ready to block everything and to face when the time comes". For others, "the only solution is to go down to the streets to hunt Biya and company. The only solution is revolution.And a last surfer to push the point: "That Professor Kamto take his responsibilities and that we finish!"

It is this position goes to war that Jean Michel Nintcheu supports, posture to which he adheres in attempting to organize, on October 21, in Douala, in vain, a rally for, he says, "denounce the shameful and massive frauds enamelled the election of October 7, 2018". At the height of the debate on this attempt to forcefully pass, the departmental coordination of the SDF of Wouri, Mr. Nintcheu's political constituency, had disavowed, without any other form of trial, the elected representative of the people with a sulphurous past. He who wanted to take the pretext of context to resurrect his penchant for warrior. By his commitment to Maurice Kamto, Jean Michel Nintcheu has tacitly joined a coalition that "continues to claim the victory of Maurice Kamto, in accordance with the truth of the ballot box on the evening of October 7, 2018".

A destabilizing step Certainly, a handful of Cameroonians, braving the authority of the State, adheres to this lame approach of the penalty shooter. In Yaoundé and Douala, the police on Saturday dismissed groups of protesters who took to the streets, in accordance with the instructions contained in the "national plan of resistance", through which the people are called to the rescue to prevent the highly anticipated swearing-in ceremony of the elected President, the final step in this electoral process.

In the diaspora, the lieutenants of the self-proclaimed president also made noise.And that is what gives details of the process of destabilization of the country.Of the three phases planned by Maurice Kamto, there was first the force of the advance, which was the proclamation of his victory less than 24 hours after the vote. Then, the challenge of the Constitutional Council and finally, the intervention of all Cameroonians and the international opinion.

This last phase constitutes the "chase" that Mr. Kamto's followers have always evoked in social networks. A phase that, one suspects, will only produce the effect of a wet firecracker, a storm in a glass of water. And for good reason ... The Cameroonian has never ceased to be this peace-loving people who force the admiration of the whole world.

Cameroonians who have noted the obstinacy of a candidate to want to score goals in the camp of Paul Biya to the point of becoming a "penalty shooter" in his own camp, know that even the greatest football players of the world miss the penaltys.Cameroonians know that Maurice Kamto missed his penalty kick and that President Paul Biya is and remains "the man of the situation". And that's why he won with an unmatched 71.28%, far ahead of his opponents.

The evolution of Cameroon, in fact, has not been like a long calm river. There were challenges: political challenges, at the very dawn of Renewal, economic challenges, due to a global crisis that spared no country and forced us to set up, with the help of international financial institutions, a drastic structural adjustment program.

There were also the challenges of the democratic transition, the seeds of destabilization with the dead cities of the 1990s, the governance challenges that gave rise to the so-called "Operation Sparrowhawk", the great challenge of restoring Cameroonian sovereignty over the Bakassi Peninsula, the security challenges facing the country as a result of the prevailing circumstances in the Far East and the eastern border, and especially those of concern in both Northwestern and Southwestern regions.

This is a string of most salient challenges that President Paul Biya has managed to meet over the past 36 years. And these are all situations that show that Cameroon has not been free from jolts. But, despite all these mouths, the boat has not capsized, Cameroon has remained standing and it continues its march towards a promising future, a bright future.This resilience, these victories garnered, bear the stamp of patriotism of the great majority of the Cameroonian people. But they especially and more to the remarkable leadership of a man, a great statesman, President Paul Biya who has faced all challenges with courage, lucidity and with unparalleled firmness.

No to the popular revolt

On October 7th, by their massive votes, the Cameroonians of all sides renewed the confidence they have ceased to place in the man of the National Renewal, the right man for the place that is necessary, in view of the stakes of the hour and for the best interests of the Nation.Cameroonians have massively turned their backs on amateurism and adventure to say yes to Paul Biya, "the strength of the experience". He who embodies both the experience and the assurance necessary for the maintenance of peace and stability, which are the guarantees of the progress, development and emergence of Cameroon.

There is no doubt that the handful of Cameroonians who are still fooled by the illusion of an electoral hold-up and covered by the mask of ignorance will be able to come to their senses by turning away from the unjustified calls for popular revolt launched by pyromaniacs. orders, calls likely to undermine the social peace, the national unity and the living together, conditions sine qua non of the progress, the development and the emergence which Cameroon aspires.

Several challenges overcome

Cameroonians know that, for thirty-six years, President Paul Biya has revealed himself as a great statesman who has managed with fingering, dignity, foresight and mastery the destiny of their country.Many people remember that Cameroon has had difficult events, overcame many obstacles, faced and braved adversity throughout these three decades.

Source: DETECTIVE No. 1063