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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Post-electoral climate: Michele Ndoki prosecuted for apology for crimes

Molest├ęs then kept in custody on October 27th by the Cameroonian security forces before being released late at night, activists and supporters of the candidate for the presidential election of October 7th, Maurice Kamto, will have to appear before the Court of First Instance of Douala, November 6, probably the day of the performance of President Paul Biya, to answer serious facts including "the apology for crimes or offenses, calls for insurrection" and many others...

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The facts put at their charge are numerous and all equally serious and leave the fear for the worst for these activists of democracy, who dared to brave the stifling Stalinist order established, in order to enjoy their freedom of to express their feelings as the Constitution gives them the right, without waiting for those who confiscated it to give them permission to oppose them.

"This is how we go from peaceful protest, suicide attempt by drowning in a dry gutter, apology for crimes and offenses and calls for insurrection. We are at least 45 to be prosecuted. Courage. Dixit Michele Ndoki via her Twitter account.

Below the copy of the quote: