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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Post-electoral climate: Hilaire Kamga denounces the absurd step of Kamto

For the promoter of the Orange Offer, this operation is not possible and can not take place in Cameroon.

In six points Hilaire Kamga has, in a post, made a demonstration to say how Cameroon is indeed State party to the Cadeg, "but alas the mechanisms of implementation in no way allow to induce a recount of vote in a country from the moment or having conformed ex ante to the national institutions and their return, the seizin of the African Union can only be done through the two legal mechanisms offered at the African level ".

For Kamga, these include the African Commission on Human and Peoples 'Rights (Cadhp), or the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights (Cadhp). For the latter, a Cameroonian citizen can not seize it yet because Cameroon has still not signed the Declaration provided for in Article 34. Moreover, stresses Hilaire Kamga, for referral to the Commission on the ground of violation of provisions relevant to the Cadeg, this can never result in a recount of votes.

With regard to the implementation of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (Cpsua), the start-up procedure "is determined by other elements that can not be met in the case of Cameroon, where the actors have not even been able to create a real electoral crisis that could threaten peace and security. "

Hilaire Kamga recommends referring to the African Union Observer Mission Statement, which is necessarily a decisive indicator for a political decision of this high level African body. Maurice Kamto, who proclaimed himself "president-elect" of Cameroon, called for a recount of votes.He proposed "the establishment of an independent international commission, accepted by the parties, which will be responsible for the recount of votes (...) polling station by polling station (...) I solemnly pledge to respect the conclusions even if they are unfavorable to me, "Kamto said.

However, another candidate in the same presidential election, Serges Hope Matomba claimed to have obtained 17,000 minutes in the same way as Maurice Kamto who knows full well that he did not elect. That's why Hilaire Kamga asks Cameroonians not to be distracted by Maurice Kamto's "popular animation"

Source: Essingan N ° 135