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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Post-election crisis: Atanga Nji declares war on the opposition

The Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat), Atanga Nji, is threatening Cameroon's opponents. "The electoral process is over," he warned them on Friday as a warning before saying that all protests must now "be allowed" again.

The open threat of Atanga Nji is addressed to all candidates - even those who did not participate in the presidential election - but especially to Maurice Kamto, an epilogue of actions appears in the statement of Atanga Nji.

Cameroon has experienced some tension since October 8, when Maurice Kamto declared himself the winner of the October 7 poll. Even if the government had responded by urging compliance with the law, the presence of police and gendarmes in the homes and headquarters of the opponents had, it augured a certain repression.

Several demonstrations by the candidates - Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii and Jean Michel Nintcheu - have also been banned.Far from being intimidated the main opponents of Paul Biya multiply initiatives to express their objections. Cabral Libii postponed his press conference for the third time. Maurice Kamto, meanwhile, called the people to invest the premises of some administrations and the Wouri Bridge by way of demonstration.

"The administration has, so far, been restrained. However, it is my duty to warn that now we will not tolerate any disorder.All attempts at disturbing public order will be treated with the utmost firmness. To my knowledge, the quality of former presidential candidate or member of a political party does not confer any immunity, "said the Minat.