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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Post-election climate: Kamto's wife risks losing her job

This is another convulsion of the Stockholm syndrome, the sickness of peoples and men who worship their executioners.

Remember: when one is an official, one does not belong to an ideological current nor to a party or a head of state or a candidate for the presidency. In fact, we are subject to the principle of neutrality, which requires observance of the rules of justice, secularism, equality and equity. Is it necessary to publish the general status of the civil service as civic education? We will do it!

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It is because of the Party-state system where the officials are of the party in power, organize meetings of the Rdpc in the embassies, campaign with the means of the State that this confusion has settled in the minds.

It is because of the governors, prefects and sub-prefects who are judges and parties that this misuse of the rules have settled down here.

It is not Paul Biya who pays officials or traditional leaders. It is with the money of the State thus of the Cameroonians that they are remunerated, compensated or taken care of. Those who give thanks for medical evacuations can do so at leisure.But when one is an agent of the state or in his service, one is not the serf of a man.

Ms. Kamto, a senior civil servant, must do her job without flinching, pay attention to these convulsions and understand this people who have trouble getting out of 36 years of washing brain.

Reporter: Unknown