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Friday, November 2, 2018

People: Artist Justice Beyene threatened with death by Longue Long

The support of the candidature of Paul Biya by the artists does not stop pouring ink on the canvas and definitely takes another turn.

A rather surprising exit from the author of the hit song "Ayo Africa".

The Long Long Artist in a letter published by the brothers of the Fourth Power on the web has openly threatened the death artist Justice Beyene.

Long accused the artist Justice Beyene of having made false and provocative remarks against him in one of his songs.

He says that the singer in his work wants to sow doubt and confusion in the minds of his fans.

So to put an end to all this manipulation, the one who calls himself "the Liberator" wrote a letter of death threat to Justice Beyene.

Below the letter ...

To the attention of the artist Justice Beyene

I do not need to go through any video or audio message to express my anger at you because of your comments to sow doubt and confusion in the minds of my many fans, in your song where you flatly praise an 85 year old man who has tortured the people for 36 years.

Not without looking for the foundation of my problem, you hurried to talk about me.For your information, Paul Biya did nothing for my release, much more, his government did not make fun of me during my incarceration.

Faced with the seriousness of your provocation in the said song, as you think you are in the cold of everything and considering my political commitment behind the Cameroonian opposition, I tell you that I will do everything possible to torture you physically, until to death follows.

I'll be reassured that you've paid the price for what you're looking for behind me, do not worry, I'll get by after guillotining you and nothing could happen to me.

I'm tired of letting myself go. Sometimes you have to go through these means to assert your greatness, I accept to be crazy, ungrateful and everything you want. If you do not make up your mind by publicly apologizing, I will not hesitate to carry out my decision mentioned above in the days that follow.