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Friday, November 2, 2018

Paul Biya - musicians ban in Europe: Valsero says no to Boycott!

For several days now, Cameroonians in the diaspora have decided to boycott and cancel all the concerts of the artists who supported Paul Biya's candidacy. A decision that continues to ignite the canvas and generate several reactions including that of General Valsero.

The rapper and Cameroonian activist made a release on the web. Valséro says no to Boycotte artists. In an open letter, the rapper through a poignant message gives the reasons.

Below the full message ...

In 10 years of professional career, I was censored by the regime in place, banned in concert, and others. What hurt me the most was the self-censorship, these people who thought that in order not to have a problem we should not invite Valsero, these people who said I really like what Valsero does but I do not can not invite him, these artists who said I can not do featuring with Valsero because I do not want any problem, these classmates who today tell me I want to help you out for our past but I can not support your project, all those people who have turned their backs on me, in 10 years and more than a hundred concerts outside Cameroon I have never been invited by the Cameroonian diaspora, I imagine that I was not quite entertaining, or like the Cameroonians of Cameroon, the diaspora did not want to have problems too. It is important to note that the diaspora is also Cameroon.

Today I tend to believe that we focus on the consequences instead of focusing on the subject. Tribalism, Sardinian artists, the problem of NOSO, fear, cowardice, all these injuries have a responsible is the president and his regime. Our opponent is well identified, do not play his game: Divide and conquer.

These artists insult me ​​every day in order to get the attention of the government, but I think they are just victims.

Yes the family are victims it is not worth boycotting them, none of these artists has ever publicly defended me on the contrary, the few brothers who have shown sympathy are being insulted. We do not need to be like the system we are fighting if we are alike. Today we are stronger and the world knows it.

The diaspora has broken its chains and today breathes new blood in Cameroon, the diaspora has taken its responsibilities, keep in mind the principles of love and tolerance, do not get carried away by anger and provocation it serves no purpose than the regime in place.

You have passed a message each today is its decisions, its choices will have consequences. I especially want to thank you for your awakening, your strength and your determination. You can take Cameroon out of the impasse. You can influence the course of things.

Please forgive, please tolerate.

Our country needs you, your brothers need you, Cameroon will not survive without you.

We love Cameroon