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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Patrice Nouma, Chantal Biya and Junior Pregnancy

Spokesperson of Cameroon Transition Council, Patrice Nouma is undoubtedly one of the Cameroonians most monitored by the Yaoundé regime. 

Recently rumors about his disappearance have raised questions within the Cameroonian community in the United States. Patrice Nouma declares today president of the Cameroon Council of the transition (Cct).

In the United States, where he arrived in 2010, he wears different hats: businessmen, president of the United States Africa joint development initiative, cultural man, etc. But the specificity of Patrice Nouma, in the protest outside the regime of Paul Biya, is to have been military, directly related to the security of the head of state.

Moreover, he claims to have assured the safety of the first lady of the State of Cameroon in Paris, when Chantal Biya was pregnant with Junior Biya. Patrice Nouma became known mainly in two cases. Firstly the case Gisèle Alima. Thisformer employee of the civil cabinet director who spent 10 years "homeless" on the streets of New York. He picked him up at his home and ran a media campaign so that she could return to Cameroon. Then the case François Ngoubene, collector of the Embassy of Cameroon in the United States who moved the account of Cameroon to his home. For these two cases, Patrice Nouma presented himself to the eyes of his compatriots in the United States as a "defender of human rights".

Patrice Nouma has not always been an opponent of the regime of Paul Biya.Having ensured the close custody of the presidential couple, he claims himself to have believed in Paul Biya in 1982, 1990 and even in 2008. It is after this period that he rebels and chose exile. He explains to this effect, tears in his eyes have lost one of his friends in the protection of the regime and no one said a word.

Having complained to Gregory Owona, he later said that he had learned that the President had reacted, but that this reaction had never reached him...

Arrived in the United States, for three years, this man of the quarantine, continued to report to the head of state and some members of the government. It would be in 2014 that he became radicalized and went so far as to write to President Barack Obama not to invite Paul Biya to the Usa-Africa summit.

Very infiltrated in the security services and the Cameroonian administration, he supports the thesis of a rebellion in Cameroon. For him, there are two Boko Haram. The Boko Haram of Nigeria and a Cameroonian Boko Haram who subcontracts the political ambitions of some of the regime's pundits. The Renewal failed.

He emphasizes: "The president prepares the escape of his family as he can not put them in prison and finds the way to make them flee in an official way. He does not want to put his people in jail and knows what could happen. He tells them as soon as it starts, get your luggage and leave.

Note: This article was published for the first time in April 2015

Reporter: Boris Bertolt