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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Parliament: 4 bills to examine this Thursday

They will be examined by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly. 

The Foreign Affairs Committee has some work to do on November 8, 2018. It has four bills on its evaluation table. These are documents that concern members of the government, including the ministers of environment, economy, transport, and external relations.

The first bill submitted to the study of the deputies is the one that authorizes the President of the Republic to ratify the amendments to the charter of the organization of the Islamic Conference.
The said ratification relates specifically to two amendments relating to the change of name and the periodicity of the sessions.

Indeed, the change of name should lead to the strengthening of Islamic solidarity, the elimination of social discrimination and colonialism in all its forms. As for the periodicity, intersessional years should be reduced from 03 to 12 years. The entry into force of these amendments entails no additional obligations vis-à-vis Cameroon.

The second draft law is that which grants the President of the Republic the power to sign the agreement on the promotion and mutual protection of investors between the Government of Cameroon, and that of Turkey. Especially in case of ratification, the business climate between the two countries will be better.

The third bill authorizing the Head of State to initial the Minim Martap convention on mercury.

As for the fourth draft law, it allows the head of state to ratify the air transport agreement between the US government and the Cameroon government. Objective, boost and increase exchanges between the two countries, for development.