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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Paris Peace Forum: the diaspora's 'warm welcome' to Paul Biya

From Germany, England, Belgium and France the diaspora has decided to denounce aloud the situation of Cameroon to the world.

A big demonstration was announced at the place of the Republic in Paris, Saturday, November 10 in the afternoon.The diaspora would be ready to fight with President Paul Biya elected for a 7th term at the head of Cameroon.

Paul Biya will be the guest of French President Emmanuel Macron at the "Summit on Peace" in Paris. A summit that will welcome representatives from more than 80 countries.

An opportunity for the diaspora who intends to be heard on the situation in Cameroon. The latter wants to denounce massive fraud in the presidential election of October 7 and the crisis that has shaken for several months the English-speaking regions.