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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Occultism: Paul Biya, Mendo Zé and 14-year-old virgin girls

Yaoundé's circle of power is often accused of occult and mystical practices. Although these accusations come most often from individuals hostile to the power of Paul Biya, they also emanate sometimes old pundits who were part of the closed circle of the Head of State.

In his book entitled "The true face of Paul Biya", Ebalé Angounou, a regular at the palace palace of Yaounde, tells the mystical links that bind Paul Biya to some of his closest collaborators.

Many people, close to the President, engage in magic and witchcraft practices, without rational justification. Each one exploits the forms of practices that would enable him to assert himself in his options. The case of Mendo Ze who has the sad and unfortunate reputation of looking for virgin girls. In the context of Cameroon, where girls are scandalously early, you have to look for children under 14 to meet virgins. This does not interfere with the "Mariologist".

For it turns out that with them he draws something special from the meta physiology perspective, which he exploits favorably for his personal fulfillment. He is a resource man of Paul Biya, because he managed to set up mystico-religious structures whose goal is to work for the perpetuity of the President in power. He then creates "People of the Rosary", a secret society whose action consists essentially of reciting the rosary for days to the benefit of the President. Its members are highly paid and live fully from this activity.

This metamorph who turns into a boa snake is nevertheless full of generosity and altruism. The poor and others left behind are sure to find a sympathetic ear to their complaints to him. But this man who has the blessing of the President in terms of hands down on the finances of the CRTV that support its mystico-religious activities, is not to a scandal near for its excessive sexual excesses towards girls. But he is no more blameworthy than Tsoungui, another snake-man, who has the reputation of having an endless thirst for girls' menses. He does not drink it like Mbella Mbappe and others do.

He is just happy to smell them, to get drunk with their scent as one would be addicted to perfume. He has relationships with many girls that he does not sexually nurture. All that matters to him is that each of them is manifested to him when she is menstruating. They are at least guaranteed to pocket 400,000 F CFA at each meeting. This is the rate he offers them to reinvigorate their spiritual energies through their menses. The entourage of Paul Biya is rich in such practices, that he becomes almost inhuman and suspicious. One would take it for a circle of aliens operating according to a set of irrational laws and regulations.

There are people who lend themselves and share their wives as one would do with shirts. More serious, some make children with each other's wives without these being formalized, since they do not hesitate to recognize them legally. There is even the case of some relatives of the Head of State who sleep with their own daughters, to the point of making children, even if they are recognized in paternity by other people. What can one say about this collaborator of the President who almost forces his daughters to collect their menses so that he gets drunk? The same person has a homosexual relationship with his sons.

The head of state meanwhile, sleeps quiet on his laurels, because mystical organizations and other sects have been created around the world to support him in power for at least 25 years. It is questioned that, subsequently, he will be succeeded by someone of his choice.Huge sums are committed to him to finance these sects. Many of its mission managers are involved in this process.Michel Meva'a M'Eboutou, another metamorph, raptor-man, is one of them.Welcome to Famous Ndongo and Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o in the circle of the metamorphs.

A very senior officer of the army, close to the President, has the obligation that it is his practice not to defecate elsewhere than in his village where, in a specific place, his waste must be deposited. This means that wherever he is, he relieve himself in paper and other packaging. His droppings will then be kept to be all transported in the trunk of his car, for his village, where is the only place prepared to receive these precious parcels. Even when he is on a mission abroad, this eminent soldier has to return his dung to the country for safe deposit in his village.

Cavaye Yegue Djibril, President of the National Assembly, had one night his salvation to the intervention of the gendarmes of Awae, a suburb of Yaoundé.Indeed, this CPDM member was, one evening, surprised by the locals in an unusual place, where he had dug a pit, and threw a poor tied up animal that he tried to bury alive, thus traumatizing an innocent domestic animal whose species for centuries lives under the protection of men.

Many similar cases take place in Cameroon and even Paul Biya does not put it on the sidelines: did he not in 1989 bury alive a black dog to which one will have eaten in advance the testicles of a 15-year-old man in Mvomeka'a at midnight?