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Thursday, November 8, 2018

New regime of Paul Biya: the expectations of Adamaoua

After the end of the highly animated electoral process, the re-elected President of the Republic was sworn in on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. For the next 7 years, the people of the city of Ngaoundere have high expectations about their living conditions.

By taking the oath, the elected President takes office and pledges to the people to assume with loyalty and probity the office of President of the Republic.  Regarding the new lease of Paul Biya at the head of the state, many are Cameroonians in the city of Ngaoundere who hope to improve their living conditions and the resolution of the problems facing Cameroonian regions of expression English.

"My expectations are more focused on the immediate resolution of the crisis in the English-speaking regions of our country.The president will have to take into account the aspirations of young people, by creating jobs, providing funding for project promoters, but especially reviewing the state of road infrastructure that does not honor Cameroon. In Adamawa particularly, an emphasis must be placed on the fight against the insecurity that plagues the economy of the region, "says Issa, a young agropastoral entrepreneur.

In the ranks of the political parties, the wish is that of the consolidation of the achievements and to complete the projects launched during the last septennat. "President Paul Biya has initiated projects in the region, we must move to their inaugurations to maximize the benefits of Cameroon wherever they are. It must also trust young people who need to be listened to and better valued by their involvement in the management of public affairs, "says Moumini.

The female population in this part of the country, expects the new president to take into account the difficulties of rural women who participate enormously in the supply of urban food. "Rural women need a lot of support. We want every event or activity to have a special look at the Adamawa woman.

We want the women of Adamaoua to be involved in decision-making. Emphasis should also be placed on the education of the girl and the empowerment of the woman, the health of the mother and the child wherever she is ", hopes Aïssatou, citizen of the city of Ngaoundéré .

Re-elected with 71.28% of votes cast in his favor, President Biya will have his work cut out for the next 7 years. Between the fight against insecurity, the question of youth, road infrastructure, health and sports, this septennat which begins will not be at all idle to one who embodies "the strength of experience".