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Friday, November 2, 2018

N'Djamena: CEMAC denounces the destructive mission of Biya in the region

The extraordinary summit of CEMAC, which at first seemed like a classic distraction to validate the democratically imposed proclamation of Paul Biya and to bypass all the demands of the opposition, turned out, in the end, to be a real officialization. the denunciation of the harmful and perilous mission of President Paul Biya in the subregion by the blacklisting of Cameroon in the attempt to trample Central Africa. Beyond this warning, the CEMAC should not underestimate this formidable student of France and take all necessary measures to prevent the CEMAC from sinking like Cameroon who is standing KO and who is wondering all days how he ended up in this situation.

Initially, many observers of the African political scene had quickly concluded that the N'Djamena summit was a classic pirouette to validate the democratically imposed proclamation of the victory of Paul Biya and to bypass all the claims of the opposition. But in the end what seemed like a distraction turned out to be a real officialization of the denunciation of the harmful and perilous mission of President Paul Biya in the subregion by the indexing of Cameroon in the attempt to trample Central Africa . This is not a surprise because indeed, the Cameroon of Paul Biya has deployed a whole arsenal to kneel the CEMAC. We can mention the EPAs, the infiltration of the Douala Stock Exchange, the planned devaluation of the CFA, and the imposition of IMF structural adjustment plans. The surprise would rather come from the fact that this denunciation is official and straightforward. It must be said, as we have just mentioned, that the Cameroonian government has already carried out dramatic acts for the CEMAC region over the past few years, which are starting to seriously annoy the other countries.

Among these were the reactions of presidents Deby and Obiang, who slammed the door of the Yaoundé summit when President Paul Biya (along with his masters Lagarde and Sapin) invited them to either devalue the CFA ( suicide) or embrace the IMF's structural adjustment plans (genocide). It was only a postponed party since President Biya, late maneuverer, had promised France a devaluation after his re-election to power by France. It must therefore be concluded that if the Constitutional Council's deceit is confirmed, then the ball will be on the side of President Biya and his government because France and the European Union will have fulfilled their part of the contract.So here is the CEMAC warned. Another sign of annoyance that has not gone unnoticed is the absence of the two young presidents Touadera and Bongo who are certainly no longer amused by this submission of the noble neo-colon.

In short, the other CEMAC countries may not know or understand the approach of President Paul Biya, but what they are certain of it is that they do not want or do not wish to see their country sink like Cameroon. This wish would only be wishful thinking if CEMAC does not quite understand the situation, ie the motivations, strategy and missions of President Paul Biya that we will try to decipher here.

The motivations of Paul Biya and his team tailored to Paris

The main motivation of President Paul Biya and his team is simple: Stay in power not to serve the Cameroonians but to use.This condition obliges them to serve Westerners, that is, to put Cameroonians and Cameroon at the feet of settlers, which guarantees them or ensures the enjoyment of some spinoffs they invest in these Western countries. In practice, the implementation of actions to meet such great ambitions requires a formidable strategy.

A strategy based on the FCFA and absolute irresponsibility

The strategy of President Paul Biya and his team is as simple: It is based on two pillars which are the absolute irresponsibility and assumed and the unfailing support to the CFA.

Defense of the FCFA:

President Paul BIYA is one of the biggest defenders of the CFA franc, and his unwavering and unconditional support for maintaining this currency is well established. It must be said that the CFA is an essential element of his strategy because President Paul Biya and his collaborators who are rightly considered as the richest men in Cameroon (if we must always quote Titus Edzoa) are absolutely necessary of this currency to ensure the exclusive enjoyment of the currencies and assets of Cameroon and Cameroonians in absolute opacity, guaranteed by France. So it is no surprise to see them maneuver to manipulate the price of this currency in the service of France and Europe.

Absolute, assumed and uncompromising

irresponsibility Irresponsibility in the Biya system is not a legend because Cameroon is like a drunk boat or the leaders have no responsibility for the management of the state, starting with the first citizen Paul Biya, and this has all the stages, the point or following the chain of command the Cameroonian people is ultimately responsible for all the calamities we live in this country. Thus it was possible to hear caciques of the power to declare that the Cameroonians:

- killed by the train of Bolloré to Eseka had only to take the plane.

- who are disemboweled in front of the hospitals for lack of means, had only not to fall ill.

- had forced the Cameroonian government to sign the EPAs (note that it would seem, according to the supporters of Paul Biya, that the Cameroonian president is not aware that Cameroon has signed the EPAs).

- are responsible for the war in the North, North West and South West

- etc ...

It is thus possible to erase examples not to be finished any more, but it is very likely that in future days, without being a prophet, a communiqué issued by the presidency of Cameroon will be sent to Cameroonians and Africans to inform them that the President does not is not responsible for the fact that the Cameroonian ministers present in N'Djamena wanted not only the devaluation but also the implementation of the structural adjustment plans. And the ministers will in their turn make a statement in the same direction, and the threads of the Cameroonian people will endorse this humbug.

This source of evil motivation and this strategy that seems simple but very formidable allowed President Paul Biya to carry out colonial missions that some (including the French) thought impossible in Cameroon and in Africa. Let's start with Cameroon.

Paul Biya's mission to Cameroon

President Paul Biya has subjected Cameroon and Cameroonians to all forms of travels that Cameroonians will remember for decades if they can recover.This president:

- arrived at business being very young but he makes life miserable to youth.

- inherited a rich country that he transformed into a highly indebted poor country (HIPC)

- transformed a dynamic country into a still country and a people of intellectuals and palaver in a horde of zombies whose reasoning leaves without voices unsuspecting observers.

- imposed corruption and violence as the only means of governance and communication in Cameroon.

- Has made the division of its population on ethnic bases its neocolonial model of dictatorship.

- Etc ...

This cataclysmic assessment for Cameroon is an exceptional performance for France, which not only hailed it, but also set out to promote it in other countries in Africa and in Europe. France has advised the European Union to entrust Cameroon with the ransacking of the CEMAC zone. The members of the European Union were warned to learn that the counterpart demanded by Cameroon was simply keeping President Paul Biya in power. Note that the European Union has fulfilled its contract by sending no observer in the presidential elections in Cameroon. The question that can be asked is whether CEMAC, which is well aware of the situation, will implement all actions to break the great ambitions of President Paul Biya.

The new mission of Paul Biya for CEMAC

The accelerated phase of President Paul Biya's mission to break the CEMAC zone began at the extraordinary summit of CEMAC heads of state in December 2016 in Yaoundé. It was also a first burst of chess with the violent reaction of Presidents Deby and Obiang. This meeting resulted in a series of 21 resolutions. Of these 21 resolutions, the Cameroonian president and his team are working on two particular resolutions:

Resolution 1: No readjustment of the current monetary parity.

Resolution 13: Open and conclude bilateral negotiations with the IMF to structure a way out of the crisis.

These two resolutions alone are enough to bring down the CEMAC, which explains the controversial and contradictory position of Cameroonian ministers at the last extraordinary summit of CEMAC heads of state from October 2018 to N'Djamena. It will also be a second flurry of chess with the violent reaction of Presidents Sassou and Obiang (again him) who took the responsibility to chase Cameroonian ministers.

It must be emphasized that the Cameroonian president is very confident in achieving this great ambition entrusted to him by the European Union. This trust is based on in-depth work based on 4 pillars:

1- The paralysis of trade in the CEMAC zone: The infiltration of Cameroon's National Stock Exchange, the Douala Stock Exchange forced the states of the sub-region to create an African securities exchange headquarters, with headquarters in Libreville. the coexistence of two competitive financial markets in their community area. This, despite the narrowness of the market.

2- The neutralization of any industrial fabric in the CEMAC zone: EPAs that allow European multinationals installed in CEMAC zone to repatriate the best African products in Europe and European multinationals installed in Europe to flood our markets with bad quality European products thus reducing to zero any chance of developing local industrialization. It's as if President Paul Biya was not happy with what Presidents Obiang and Bongo are trying to do. The reaction of some CEMAC countries has been irrevocable: closing the borders.

3- Application of CEMAC countries to the IMF structural adjustment plan in solidarity with Cameroon: It is surprising to note that Cameroonian journalists are careful not to inform Cameroonians that Cameroon is once again under the control of the IMF. A hard reality that Cameroonians perceive gradually. President Paul Biya therefore relies on the solidarity advocated in the CEMAC Zone to force other countries to join the IMF plan like Cameroon. On this angle some countries have told him again NO.

4- The planned devaluation of the FCFA: This is the last weapon held by the Cameroonian president and this weapon is all the more formidable as this currency belongs to his master, France, who can in a well-oiled gymnastics make this operation inevitable . In reality, the Cameroonian president has no clear elbow on this operation but France and the IMF let Cameroon's underlings use this blackmail to achieve other objectives.Remember that some countries have already clarified that this eventuality will lead to their exit from the CFA zone. The dish is burning!


The states and peoples of CEMAC have certainly taken the measure of the situation and it only remains to be hoped that they will stop this government in its senseless approach by taking drastic measures, rigorous and not questionable against the President Paul Biya who claims the undisputed title of the best student of Paris. In other words, it will not be necessary to reproduce the error of the Cameroonians who have always underestimated the determination of this government of incapable to put Cameroon in row cut for the benefit of the Westerners. Slate is very salty for Cameroon and Cameroonians.