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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mimi Mefo Updates: Master Alice Kom recounts the arrest of Mimi Mefo

Our Sister Mimi Mefo, Chief Information Officer and English-speaking star presenter at Equinox Tv and Radio has been calling since 2 pm in front of the Legion's Deputy Commander. It has just been referred (9:15 pm) to the Government Commissioner (Military Court). She is there for the publication of information on the clashes between Republican forces and separatist militias published by Cameroon News Agency which is an approved press agency.

Watch the video below

By citing her source, she is not guilty of any offense better yet of military offense.At worst, she should be prosecuted for a common law offense that does not require her detention. The lawyer's college lead by Mr. Alice Nkom has sufficiently demonstrated.

The SNJC urges the competent authorities to prevent our country from being treated as one where the rule of law is in decline and fundamental freedoms violated.