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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Military court: Mimi Mefo risk 3 years imprisonment

We know a little more about the facts alleged by the Military Court of Douala to the journalist Equinoxe TV Mimi Mefo Takombo. In a statement released yesterday, the door of the Cameroonian government, Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, said that the TV presenter fell under sections 113 and 154 of the Cameroonian Penal Code.

"Mrs MIMI MEFO TAKOMBO is prosecuted in the flagrante delicto for the spread of false news, new lies likely to harm the public authorities or national cohesion, contempt of the bodies and officials, incitement to revolt against the Government and Institutions of the Republic, "said Minister Tchiroma.

The journalist who currently enjoys the presumption of innocence could be charged for up to three months to three years and a fine ranging from 100 000 to 2 million FCFA for these facts if she is found guilty.

According to Minister Tchiroma, the journalist is accused of "relaying, while indicating the source, a post saying that it is the army bullets that killed the American missionary Charles Trumann Wesco in the Northwest last October.

For Alice Nkom, head of a group of eleven lawyers who was formed to defend the journalist, the "incredible" charges against Mimi Mefo can not justify his detention on remand since last Wednesday at the prison of New Bell .

"Can we prove to ourselves that it is false?We do not know anything about it, since we are dealing with an army whose soldiers can fire at point-blank range on a child, which the authorities deny before changing their minds, "she told our colleagues. AFP.