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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Legislative: CPDM executives already at war in Mfoundi

In addition to the profits logically expected after the presidential election, the battle in the perspective of legislative announced is already wreaking havoc in the Mfoundi, where banana hides block the path of CPDM deputy Yaounde II. Although he has been hitting behind the belt of rare violence, the economic operator known for his generosity is not shaking it.

The patronage helping, many personalities of the Republic do not skimp on the means to cast shame on those they consider their opponents, or at least those who would shame the fulfillment of their ambitions. A rather recurrent assertion in our sociopolitical scene, where banana skins, acts of denunciation and denigration are the daily lot of the policies rather in sight.

This is certainly the case of the Honorable Paul Eric Djomgoue, whose misfortune is simply to be from the Western region, the same as Maurice Kamto, unfortunate candidate in the last presidential election, who continues to claim its victory despite the closure of the presidential electoral process closed since October 22, 2018 with the official proclamation of the result that saw the coronation of President Paul Biya, acclaimed by the unquestionable score of 71.28% of validly cast votes.

Dreadful weapon for the victory of Paul Biya

If for the zealots of the regime, this did not shake the serenity of the party in power, it is none the less true that each of them would like to make the re-election of Paul Biya , some springboard to access some jump seat or simply undue advantages emanating from the power.

Also do not offend they scarcely self-proclaimed master craftsmen of his victory by vilifying on occasion those who, in reality, have always wet the jersey for the triumph of the ideals of the National Renewal that he embodies and consequently for his personal radiance through a mobilization of all the moments of the masses for an unconditional adherence to his programs and subsequent visions expressed in favor of the election presidential. Indeed, for this presidential 07 October 2018, although not at the head of the campaign officially, Paul Eric Djomgoué is not a parachute.

Known for his legendary proximity to the people of his political constituency, the elected representative of the nation was a formidable weapon for the victory of Paul Biya in the Mfoundi, thereby diluting the scope of the tribal vote. He proves it once more in this last presidential election. To this end, the CPDM MP Yaounde II, once again, demonstrated his full commitment to the CPDM candidate, credited with "the strength of experience". As he knows how to do it, Paul Eric Djomgoué led a highly strategic campaign with his parliamentary cabinet team.

To reinforce and consolidate the door-to-door instructed by the ruling party of the ardent flame party, the Mfoundi II elected representative mobilized youth associations, networks of women's associations, transport unions and mototaxis, traders and rescuers of Mokolo, 8th, and Madagascar markets, religious leaders, leaders of communities living in Yaounde II, traditional and neighborhood leaders, members and associations of civil society.

Ogre Points

With all these groups, the highly respected Yaoundé II deputy, who is known to be close to the electoral base, has multiplied strategic working sessions in parliamentary permanence, working sessions during which he has given sufficient material and financial resources, as well as gadgets of campaigning in favor of candidate Paul Biya.

The sums spent amount to tens of millions of francs, in addition to the 10 million already donated to the Mfoundi Departmental Commission, when it was asked just 1 500 000 F CFA. During the electoral campaign proper, the CPDM de Yaounde II remained naturally in the corridor of the humanitarian by providing solutions to the punctual problems facing the populations. Thus, bridges, water supply and electricity supply, payment of tuition fees ... will have been made, a matter of reassuring the population and enlisting them in the ranks of the CPDM candidate.

Beyond these groups, quantitative and qualitative support will also have been provided to the party's organs on the ground. There too, as usual, tens of millions have been mobilized to accompany field teams on the ground. In fact, the well-known businessman and economic operator will only have perpetuated what has earned him a true "Messiah on earth", as his permanent accompaniments through social actions of and in the direction of targeted populations, which allowed him to better control his interlocutors and to understand their legitimate expectations, also bases their electoral motivations.

Timely reinforcement

In addition to his district, Yaoundé II, the services of the deputy Paul Eric Djomgoué are solicited elsewhere. Under high prescriptive of Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, Permanent Delegate of the Central Committee of the CPDM in the Mfoundi, the elected of the nation went to lend a hand to the campaign teams in Yaounde III, VI and VII, areas, where there is a high concentration communities in the West. In these staffs, the member's voice still thundered to help choose Paul Biya. This earned him the recognition of the civil society of Mfoundi II.

And after a job was done, in his locality and in still others, the goal was achieved.Just last Wednesday, the leaders of the Yaoundé II wing of the Association of Civil Society Members, under the leadership of their president Amadou Djibo and its secretary general Aminou, recognized the work of the man. They were about 350, came to the place said crossroads pharmacy of the verse, reaffirm their support for Paul Biya through the Honorable Djomgoue Paul Eric. They organized a mega meeting of thanks to the people and more to the deputy, who gave them the material and financial means to fight campaign for Paul Biya.

How then can one think that with such a commitment, he could row against the current.

because of some tribal reflex that does not seem to participate in its modus operandi, judging by its many requests for the rather cosmopolitan populations of his political constituency remotely distant from his region of origin? Paul Eric Djoumgoué, patati, patata. Dogs bark but the caravan moves.

Source: Detective No.